The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122
Henry walked toward the sofa and removed his cap.

James walked over to the rest area and handed Henry a cigarette, “ How’s the situation at the Southern Plains? How did the investigation go?” Henry nodded, “I’m almost done with the investigation.

I found out that General Grant had interacted with the previous Emperor’s subordinates.

However, that was because the previous Emperor had abducted his family.

It was he who leaked all information regarding our whereabouts.

Apart from him, there are many other high-ranking generals…” Henry narrated the chain of events in the Southern Plains.

“Mihm.» James nodded and said, “We’ll put this aside for now.

After resolving the matter in the Capital, we’ll promptly return and deal with it.” “Sir, am I on some kind of mission?” “Ves, ” James nodded.

“We’ll have to make a move.

Though the Capital is peaceful on the outside, it is rotten to the core.

The time has come to tear down the rotten structure.

I’ll make the necessary arrangements to add the Black Dragon Army you’ve brought here into the Red Flame Army.” Then, James pulled his phone out and called Nathaniel.

Nathaniel was the only general whom James could trust.

Besides, he had even given him a bunch of crucial information which James had yet to have the time to read through them.

Soon, Nathaniel was here.

“Emperor…” He greeted.

Then, upon seeing Henry who was also in the office, he greeted, “Black Shadow General.” James ordered, “I want you to add the Black Dragon Army which Henry brought from the Southern Plains into the Red Flame Army.” “Understood, I’ll see to it immediately.” “You’re free to go.” James waved.

Nathaniel briefly glanced at Henry before leaving.

James stood up and said, “Order your men to head to the arms depot at once.

Make sure they are fully armed and prepared to move out.” “Understood.” Henry stood up and swiftly left.

James then brought the fully-armed Black Dragon Army to the Tucksons’ villa.

At the same time, in the dungeon of the Tucksons’ villa…

Jeanne and Delilah were hung up with bruises all over their bodies.

Halvor was sitting on a chair sipping his tea.

Looking at the two women, he asked nonchalantly, “Last chance…

Where is Xavion Zachary?” “T-I don’t know.

Please let us go,” Jeanne pleaded.

Halvor’s face darkened, and he said, “Continue.” Whish! Immediately, a man who was holding a whip lashed at the two.

“Argh!” Jeanne screamed in pain.

“I really don’t know.” Delilah yelled, “Stop whipping my mother, you animals! Come at me!” She knew that James would be here soon.

She just had to stall for time.

“1-I know! I know where he is!” Hearing this, Halvor waved and his bodyguard stopped.

“Speak then.” Delilah said, “I know you’re after the latest technology of my father’s company.

I know my father’s location and where the technology is.

Let me down first.” Delilah had seen the documents the Red Flame Army had found.

She knew some insider information and the fact that the Tucksons would kill without any hesitation.

Now, she just had to stall for time.

Halvor waved a hand slightly.

“Let her down.” Immediately, Delilah and Jeanne fell to the ground.

Delilah hurriedly helped Jeanne up, “Are you alright, Mom?” Jeanne was bloodied all over.

Since she knew that James would be here soon and that her daughter was stalling for time, she put on an act too.

“Oh Delilah, just tell them everything you know.

After this is over, let’s leave the Capital together.

I can’t stand this place any longer.”


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