The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1124

Chapter 1124
Making a move on the Tucksons would have much greater consequences than executing Mr. Gabriel.

The mighty column of convoys could not help but attract the attention of passers-by.

“where are all these convoys headed to?” “What’s the new Emperor trying to do?” “They seem to be heading in the direction of Hope Villa District.

Only powerful and influential people live there.” “Let’s enjoy the show.” The crowd was in an uproar.

Soon, the convoys arrived at Hope Villa District.

Fully armed soldiers got off and fell into formation.

This created a sensation.

James got off the convoy with Henry following close behind.

At the same time, in the Tucksons…

“what?” After receiving a call, Halvor was enraged.

He grabbed Delilah’s hair and slapped her across the face.

“How dare you lie to me, you b*tch?! I’ll tear you to pieces!” Delilah’s face was swollen, and blood was dripping from her lips.

Halvor pulled out a gun and pressed it against her head and roared, “One last chance! Where is the research data?” Jeanne’s face paled.

She immediately knelt before Halvor and pleaded, “Delilah has nothing to do with this.

She doesn’t know anything.

Ask me instead.” “Mom, get up!” Delilah yelled, ignoring the gun pressed against her head.

“Speak!” Halvor grabbed the handle of the gun and smashed it against Delilah’s head.

Blood immediately oozed out, and she collapsed to the floor.

Before she could react, Halvor began beating her up.

The excruciating pain contorted her face.

“]-I dare you to kill me…

The Emperor will be here soon.” Delilah had no choice but to use her last resort.

“T’ve been with the Emperor all this while.

He ordered Forrest and his men to bring us here.

He’ll be here soon.” “Think you can threaten me?’ Halvor’s face darkened.

“Hmph! Delilah said coldly, “Why don’t you test things out?” At that moment, the door opened.

A man staggered in and cried out, “Something bad has happened.

The Red Flame Army has assembled outside the district in full military gear.

A-And the Emperor is here too.” “What?” Hearing this, Halvor’s face paled.

“Is it truly the Red Flame Army? Is it truly James?” “Yes, I’m sure of it.” Halvor immediately pulled out his phone and called Braxton, “ What the hell is going on, Braxton? Why didn’t you inform me earlier of

the Red Flame Army’s mobilization?” “It’s over for the Tucksons, Halvor.

I only just received news that James brought the Black Dragon Army into the Capital and joined the Red Flame Army.

As he only used his former subordinates, I wasn’t informed of this.

I’m about to make my escape.

Good luck to you.” Then.

Braxton hung up the phone.

Halvor’s face was pale.

“Curse you, James! There’s no way you’ll make a move on the Tucksons.” Gritting his teeth, he ordered, “Inform the Wagner Mercenaries to reinforce the Tucksons immediately.

If James dares make a move, we’ll fight to the bitter end.” “Have you gone mad, Father? We don’t stand a chance against the Red Flame Army!” “Grandpa, I don’t want to die so soon.

Please don’t act recklessly.

We should use our connections to avert this crisis.” The Tucksons were panicking.


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