The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1125

Chapter 1125
Hearing that they were about to fight against the Red Flame Army, the Tucksons panicked.

“What else can I do then?” Halvor’s face darkened.

James’ army was already outside the district.

The Tucksons would be over if he does not resort to extreme measures.

“We should remain calm, Father.

James is different from other generals.

He’s the commander-in-chief of the Black Dragon Army and the Dragon King.

He climbed the ranks by stepping on the corpses of his enemies.

Why would he be afraid of mere mercenaries?” “Exactly.” The Tucksons tried convincing Halvor.

Halvor composed himself.

He immediately pulled his phone out and called the Secretary-General.

“Secretary-General, why is James here outside my house with an army? Request an audience with the King and ask him to order James to retreat.” A hoarse voice came from the phone and said, “Halvor, do you still not understand the situation? Why did the King make James the Emperor? That’s because he wields the Blade of Justice.

He can accomplish feats others can’t.

I wish you good luck.

In any case, I can’t do anything to help.

Do not contact me anymore, and don’t you dare rat me out.

Otherwise, the Tucksons will surely be doomed.” Beep…

Before Halvor could say anything, the Secretary-General hung up the phone.

“Hello? F*ck!” Halvor cursed.

Then, he called another number.

“Chief Executive…” Beep…

Before he could finish his sentence, the other side immediately hung up the call.

Halvor, however, was persistent.

He kept calling various powerful figures whom he had a close relationship with.

He wanted them to use their connections and order James to retreat.

“T’m sorry, the number you have dialed is unavailable.” “F*ck…” Halvor cursed.

Though he had a good relationship with these powerful figures, none of them were willing to extend a helping hand.

The Tucksons looked at him in anticipation.

“How did it go, Father?” “Keep calling, Grandpa.

You have a close relationship with these powerful figures.

Every year, we would even send them gifts…” “Shut up!” Halvor yelled.

The Tucksons fell silent.

Delilah’s face was swollen, and blood was oozing out from her forehead.

With great difficulty, she got up while clutching her head.

Immediately, Halvor grabbed her by the hair.

“You’re the reason why James is here.

I’ll kill you!” “No, Father!” “Calm down, Grandpa.

We shouldn’t act recklessly.

Since you’re the cause of this, you should admit your crimes.

Otherwise, the Tucksons are doomed.” The Tucksons would surely be doomed if Delilah was killed.

“This is bad, Mr. Halvor.

The Red Flame Army has entered the district and is now heading here,” came a yell.

A thousand strong fully armed soldiers surrounded the Tucksons’ residence.

Then, a few soldiers rushed toward the door and broke it down..

Boom! The door collapsed, and James walked in.

Seeing the fully armed soldiers, the Tucksons immediately crouched down and covered their heads.

Halvor knew it was over for them.

However, he was unwilling to admit defeat just like that.


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