The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1126

Chapter 1126
He immediately called a number.

“Marion Wagner, the Tucksons’ residence is surrounded by the Red Flame Army.

Bring a few thousand men here at once and force James to make a retreat.

Once I’ve escaped safely, I’ll give youa third of the Tucksons’ assets.” A voice came, “Mr. Halvor, what makes you think that I’ll help the Tucksons out?

Once you’re dead, all of the Tucksons’ assets will be confiscated.” Halvor hurriedly said, “I have several bank accounts overseas with a couple of billions in each of them.

Help me out and I’ll give you a third of them.” “T would love to.

However, I value my life more.” “Don’t f*ck around with me! I thought you mercenaries would be willing to do anything for money even at the cost of your life! You don’t have to come personally.

Just send your men here.

There’s no way James would allow the situation to escalate in the Capital.

Can he withstand the consequences of this?” Halvor had no choice but to make a gamble.

Marion remained silent for a while before saying, “Fine, I promise you.

But first, you’ll have to pay up.” “Sure, I’ll make the transfer immediately.” Halvor hurriedly made the transfer.

In less than a minute, the process was complete.

Clack! Clack! Clack! The sound of footsteps could be heard outside.

Halvor immediately grabbed Delilah and pressed a gun against her head.

Meanwhile, in a hotel in the Capital…

Seeing that the transfer was made, a man stood up and gave a call, “Mobilize three thousand men to the Tucksons’ residence and rescue Halvor Tuckson no matter the cost.

Don’t worry, I’ll give your belongings to your family.” After hanging up the phone, he swiftly headed to the airport.

In the Tucksons’ residence…

James walked up the stairs.

Then, he entered a room with Henry and a dozen fully armed soldiers following close behind.

The moment he entered through the door, the Tucksons immediately covered their heads and crouched down.

Halvor, on the other hand, grabbed Delilah and retreated to a corner.

Looking at James and the fully armed soldiers, he said coldly, “Give the order to retreat immediately, James.

Or else, I won’t hesitate to put a bullet through her head.” James remained composed when faced with an ordinary man.

He was confident that his speed was much greater than Halvor’s bullet.

“Why bother resisting when it has come to this, Halvor? Tell me honestly everything you did all these years and who you’ve been in contact with.

I promise I’ll spare your life.” “Hahaha…” Halvor burst into a peal of laughter.

“What’s the point of sparing my life? I’m not interested in spending the remainder of my life in prison.

Besides, do you dare make a move on me, James? Do you know what the consequences are? Do you know who are the ones behind me?” James glanced at him and said, “Why don’t you tell me about it?” “There’s the Secretary-General and the Chief Executive.

Also, let’s not forget a group of high-ranking officials in the military.

The Capital will be thrown into disarray if you dare make a move on me.

Not even the King dares act recklessly.

So can you?” Hearing this, a grin crept up on James’ face.

“what do you think?” Then, with the speed of lightning, he appeared behind Halvor.

Before Halvor could even react, he felt a searing pain on his wrist, and his gun fell to the floor.

Then, he cried out in pain.

Grabbing Halvor’s hand, James threw him into the air.

Halvor was sent flying and collapsed to the floor.

Meanwhile, a few soldiers immediately handcuffed him.

Halvor struggled with all his might but to no avail.

He cried out, “ Don’t you dare, James! I promise I will annihilate your wife’s family.” “Take them away.” James’ expression darkened, and he said coldly, “Seal off the Tucksons’ residence and confiscate all their assets.” “Understood.” Halvor was taken away.

James pulled his phone out and called Thea.

“Thea, inform the God- King Palace to protect the Callahans, Quincy and the others in Cansington.

A storm is brewing in the Capital.”


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