The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1127

Chapter 1127
A cornered dog would inevitably lash out.

James was worried Halvor would do something reckless.

Since he was currently in the Capital and was unable to concern himself with the affairs in Cansington, he immediately called Thea and instructed her to order the God – King Palace to step up their security measures to protect the Callahans, Quincy, and the others in Messiah Corporation.

“How dare you arrest me, James? Do you know who I am? Do you know what I’m capable of?” Even as Halvor was taken away, he continued shouting.

However, James paid no heed to him.

He looked at Delilah who was bloodied all over and apologized, “I’m sorry I was late.” “T-It’s alright…” Caressing her bloodied forehead, Delilah said, “ Thank you for arriving on time.

Otherwise, my mother and I…” James waved slightly.

“It’s the least I could do.

I will ask someone to send you to the hospital first.

Once I’m done resolving the matter, I’ll visit you.” Henry immediately ordered, “Send her to the hospital.” “Understood.”

A few soldiers brought Delilah and her mother away, while all of the Tucksons were arrested.

Ina convoy…

Handcuffed, Halvor’s expression was grim.

He was waiting for the mercenaries’ arrival.

The mercenaries were not afraid to die.

As long as they were paid, they could do anything.

He believed that James would definitely let him go once they arrived.

Under James’ orders, all businesses under the Tucksons were seized.

Outside the Tucksons’ residence in Hope Villa District…

Henry walked over to a convoy and reported, “Emperor, all Tucksons have been arrested.

Please give us your order.” “Take them to the courthouse and imprison them in the dungeon.

Also, give the order to investigate the Tucksons.

At the same time, put out a reward to gather и,σνєℓєвσσк.¢σм evidence of the Tucksons’ past crimes.”

“Understood.” Henry saluted him and ordered, “Retreat.” The convoys began leaving.

However, before they could leave the district, a few trucks drove toward them.

Then, the container opened and fully armed mercenaries charged out and surrounded Hope Villa District.

They were the Wagner Mercenaries.

However, Marion was not the one leading them.

It was one of his subordinates, Nott Thorstein.

Nott knew exactly what he was doing.

Though he and the remaining three thousand men knew that their chances of surviving were close to none, they chose to come for the sake of money.

“Surround them.

Do not let a single one of them pass,” Nott yelled.

Around forty years of age, he was a tanned man.

There were a few scars on his face.

The column of convoys stopped dead in its tracks, and a soldier hurriedly dashed toward the convoy James was in.

James got off the convoy and asked, “What’s wrong? Why did you stop?” “Something bad happened.

Thousands of fully armed mercenaries have surrounded Hope Villa District.”

Hearing this, James’ face darkened, and he roared, “How did thousands of mercenaries manage to sneak into the Capital where the Red Flame Army is in charge?

This is preposterous!” Henry furrowed his eyebrows.

“This is bad, Emperor.

This is a district where many influential and wealthy people live.

If this becomes a battlefield, many lives will be lost.” Wearing a grim expression, James pulled his phone out and called Nathaniel.

“Ig something the matter?”и-σνєℓєвσσк.¢σм “Mobilize the army and seal off the Capital.

Without my orders, no one is allowed to enter or leave.”


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