The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1131

Chapter 1131
Bringing Halvor with him, James stood twenty meters away from Nott once more.

He looked at Nott and some of the heavily armed mercenaries in front of him, then said in a loud voice, “I’ve brought you the person, but the helicopter will take some time to arrive.

Besides, it still needs to refuel, and that will take even more time.” While he said that, he unlocked Halvor’s handcuffs and pushed him slightly.

Feeling relieved, Halvor sprinted forward.

He stumbled several times before he got to Nott’s side.

“Where’s Marion?” asked Halvor.

“Did he leave the Capital already?” Nott cast a glance at him and did not say a word.

He looked at the time.

Nine minutes had passed.

“There’s only one minute left, James.

We’ll fight to the death if I don’t spot the helicopter within one minute.” Nott’s voice rang out.

“Bring it over,” James commanded.

Soon after, a helicopter approached in the distance.

“It’s already here,” said James, pointing at the distant sky.

Nott looked up and saw that a helicopter was indeed approaching.

However, his face was solemn.

He knew that even if the helicopter had arrived, and he got on the helicopter, it would still be impossible to leave.

Now he needed a hostage, and it had to be a hostage with great status and authority.

“Handcuff yourself and walk over here, James,” he commanded.

“ Ineed you as a hostage.

As long as I can leave the Capital alive, I’ll let you go.” James did not hesitate.

He picked up the handcuffs that were lying on the ground and handcuffed himself.

Moreover, he held up his hands and showed them to Nott who was standing across from him.

At the same time, he said in a low voice, “Henry, I’ll go first as a hostage.

Let them take off.

When the brigade arrives, quickly deploy them and wipe out the enemies within ten seconds.

Then, launch a missile at the departing helicopter.

They’re not allowed to leave alive.” “Dragon General, what are you trying to do? How can I fire at the helicopter if you’re on it?” “Don’t worry, I’ll do something to make the helicopter lose control,” said James.

“The moment the helicopter loses control, open fire.

Also, make sure that the nearby residents go indoors and don’t stay outside.

Try to shatter the helicopter into fragments.

Otherwise, it will hurt the civilians when it falls.” “Is this really okay, Sir? How will you escape?” “Believe me.

It’ll be alright,” James said in a low voice.

All this while, Henry was always in the Southern Plains.

He had no idea that James was already a man of great power.

It would not be difficult for him to escape from the helicopter.

“Alright.” Henry nodded.

He somehow believed in James.

James continued, “Before the battle begins, undermine the enemy’s morale.

Promise them that if they surrender, they won’t die and will even receive some money.” Henry nodded and said, “Got it.” Ahead of him, Nott yelled, “What are you still yapping about, James? Come over quickly.

Remember, you can’t bring any weapons.” James finally moved forward after that.

As soon as he got close, several guns were pointed at him, but he still looked calm and relaxed.

The helicopter arrived fairly quickly.

Ina matter of minutes, it appeared in the sky over Hope Villa District and landed in a vacant lot outside the district.

“Walk.” Nott pointed a gun at James, and James walked towards the helicopter.

When Nott arrived at the helicopter, his men pointed a gun at the pilot and said, “Get out.” The pilot quickly got out of the helicopter.

“Get on the helicopter,” ordered Nott.

One of his men hurried to the cockpit.

He then followed him into the helicopter while holding a gun to James’ head.

Halvor followed closely with a few of his trusted men.

Go.” The plane quickly took off on Nott’s command.

“Haha…” Halvor guffawed.

“James, I told you you’d compromise.

How about that? I called it, didn’t I?” James glanced at him and said indifferently, “Do you really think you can escape?” With a smug face, Halvor said, “We’re getting away now, aren’t we?” James stopped talking.

Nott had a serious look on his face.

They had not yet left Sol.

He was uneasy.

He took his walkie-talkie and ordered, “Everyone, be on standby.

If the Red Flame Army dares to make a move, attack quickly.

If the Red Flame Army does not make a move, just remain still.

Be assured that the share that belongs to your family won’t go missing after I leave here alive.

1, Nott Thorstein, have always kept my word.”


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