The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1135

Chapter 1135
Outside the Emperor’s Mansion…

A military vehicle was approaching.

James got out of the vehicle, and the guards at the entrance saluted simultaneously.

He gave them a small wave before walking straight into the mansion.

Maxine and Thea were both sitting in the courtyard.

Their relationship appeared to have improved in the past few days.

They were chatting without being cold to each other.

They were very concerned today.

They were concerned that things would spiral out of control on James’ side.

Fortunately, there were no mishaps.

“James.” “Honey.” When James approached, they both stood up at the same time.

James walked over and sat down on a chair in the gazebo.

“Thea, have you completed all of the preparations for Cansington?” he inquired.

“Yes.” Thea nodded and said, “I’ve already given orders for the God -King Palace’s elites to provide their protection covertly.” “Good.” James let out a sigh of relief.

“What are you planning to do next?” asked Maxine.

“First, put on a show with Mr. Gabriel.

We’ll need to come up with acomprehensive plan.

We can’t raise the suspicions of the Gu Sect members,” said James.

James had agreed with Yaroslav.

It did not matter to him whether Yaroslav lived or died.

What was important to him was that he would get to know the people of Gu Sect as he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and strike them all at once.

The three of them gathered and started coming up with a detailed plan.


In Lily City, the Capital.

At the foot of a mountain…

There was a detached villa in this area.

In the courtyard outside the mansion, a man who appeared to be in his sixties was practicing Tai Chi.

His movements alternated between swift and gentle, and his imposing bearing shifted with the rise and fall of his hands.

“Sir, something has happened in the Capital.” Aman was quickly approaching.

He was about forty years old and dressed in a suit and tie.

The elder who was practicing Tai Chi stopped.

Two beautiful young ladies behind him quickly walked over, carrying towels.

The old man took them and wiped his hands and forehead.

He then asked calmly, looking at the middle-aged man standing in front of him, “Is there a problem?” “James has taken over as the Emperor.

He launched an attack on the Tuckson family today.

The entire Red Flame Army was on the move and created quite a commotion.

Currently, the Tucksons have all been arrested.

James is being far too brash.

The Tuckson family has a long history in the Capital and they have a complicated network of connections.

Now that he has made a move against them, he’s going to take on quite a few families and prominent figures in the Capital.”

Hearing this, the old man frowned slightly and inquired, “What’s happening on Yaroslav’s side?”

“He has yet to make a move,” said the middle-aged man,

“I thought that Yaroslav was the target of the King’s plan to have James ascend to the throne, but James chose to attack the Tuckson family directly instead of making a move against Yaroslav.

Sir, now that James has gone straight past Yaroslav to target the Tucksons, he’d definitely attack the people connected to the Tuckson family next.

Then, the forces we have nurtured for so long will undoubtedly be uprooted by James.” The elder remained calm and collected.

“What’s the situation on the Supreme Leader’s end?” he asked.

“The Supreme Leader is in closed-door meditation.

Yaroslav tried to meet with him but was unable to do so.

Currently, Thomas Caden is in charge,” said the man.

“Thomas?” Lucjan Owens did not trust Thomas, but the Supreme Leader wanted to collaborate with him.

There was nothing he could do about that.

“We can’t trust Thomas, Mr. Owen.

Thomas is James’ grandfather.

He must be paving the way for James.

Thomas will undoubtedly turn against us once James succeeds.

He’s just trying to exacerbate our internal conflict.” Lucjan nodded his head gently and said, “Yes.

I’ve never trusted Thomas.

The Supreme Leader seems to have lost interest in all of this, though.

Now he just wants to reach the highest rank.

Still, we can’t just sit back and accept our fate…” He gave it a thought and commanded, “Frederick, hurry to the Capital.

Capture Quincy, Tiara, and the entire Callahan family.

Distract James so that he’s unable to make a move against the Capital.

We can’t let this brat destroy the network of connections we have established over the years.” Lucjan Owens.

He was a member of the Owen family from Gu Sect’s three major families.

Currently, he was the Deputy Leader of the Gu Sect.

Even though he did not reside in the Capital during these years, he was well aware of the situation there.

The Supreme Leader was currently meditating in seclusion, but something was going to happen in the Capital.

He could not just sit around any longer.

“Yes, Mr. Owen.

Where should we bring them?” Lucjan pondered for a while and said, “The Mount Thunder Conference is approaching.

Bring them to Mr. Thunder.

Until the Mount Thunder Conference is over and things have settled down.”


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