The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1140

Chapter 1140
She was no longer the frail and defenseless Thea who allowed people to bully her.

“Thea, trust me.

I’ll bring back the Callahans.

I’ll bring them back even if it means risking my life.”

After saying that, he looked at и’σνєℓєвσσк.¢σм Maxine and said, “Maxine, go back to Cansington with Thea.

The situation in the Capital is too complicated and unpredictable, you should stay out of it for the time being.”

“IT can’t do that,” Maxine objected immediately.

“If 1 go with you, I can offer you advice or strategize with you during a crisis.

Besides, you don’t even know much about ancient martial artists.

You also have no idea who are the elites among the ancient martial artists.

Iam somewhat knowledgeable about that.

If you take me along, I can assist you.” “Are you aware of what will happen at Mount Thunder this time?” James asked with a grave expression.

“The Great Four already had a falling out.

During the Mount Thunder Conference, the other three families will team up and attack the Cadens.

You’re a member of the Caden family.

If you’re there, they won’t have any mercy for you.” “As a Caden, that’s all the more reason I should go,” Maxine spoke without hesitation.

Both of them were very determined to go to Mt. Thunder.

They genuinely wanted to help James.

He knew he could not persuade them.

James stood up and swiftly touched their acupuncture points, sealing both of their True Energy.

“You—James, what are you doing? Unseal my acupoints.” “Honey, quickly unseal my acupoints.

I can help you, I really can.

I want to go with you to Mount Thunder Sect.

My grandfather, my father, and my brother were all taken to Mt. Thunder.

How could I not go?” They were both perturbed.

“Come in,” James said loudly.

The door to the room was pushed open and a few guards entered.

“Sir.” “Bring Maxine and Thea safely to the Red Flame Army’s base and find Black Shadow General.

Inform Black Shadow to make arrangements for their return to Cansington and to detain them temporarily.

Do not release them until the new year,” James instructed.

“Yes.” The guards gave a loud and uniformed response.

“James, can you not be so rude and impetuous?” shouted Maxine, “Unseal my acupoints.

I’ll go with you.” “what are you doing, Honey? Why do you always shoulder everything on your own? Why don’t you let me share some of your burdens…” Thea began to sob.

James commanded, “Take them away.” “Yes,” The guards forcefully took Maxine and Thea away.

James returned to his room once again.

He looked at the Blade of Justice on the table and picked it up.

He drew the blade…

Then, he contemplated the Blade of Justice with a hint of darkness in his expression.

A bleak, murderous aura was radiating from him.

The Blade of Justice was put away in a sheath.

Holding the Blade of Justice, he put on an overcoat and walked out of the room.

He left the Emperor’s Mansion, then the Capital, and began his journey to the Mount Thunder Sect.

Meanwhile, in the Capital, at the Peace Mansion.

“King, James has already left the Capital.” The person who was talking was Gloom.

He had left for a few days and went to Mount Thunder Sect.

Then he returned after assigning some men to plant explosives in secret.

“Okay. The King nodded his head gently and said, “I didn’t anticipate Lucjan to kidnap people from Cansington when he became agitated.

He even forced James to leave for Mt. Thunder early so he wouldn’t be able to handle the affairs in the Capital.”

“King, what should we do now?” Gloom inquired.

“All we can do is wait until the Mount Thunder Conference.

I never expected everything to be resolved before the Mount Thunder Conference in the first place.

Since James has already left, we’ll put it on hold for now.

Once the conference is over and Gu Sect is dealt with, it will be much easier to take care of the others.” said the King.

“Gloom…” “Give me your command, King.” “Mr. Lee already left for Mount Thunder Sect yesterday.

Go and meet him there.” “Alright.” Gloom turned and left in a hurry.

The King stood up as well and и.σ.ν.єℓє.вσ.σк.¢σм moved around, releasing the tension in his body.

For a split second, his face darkened.

“The Mount Thunder Conference has finally arrived.

I hope there won’t be any mishaps this time.

After this conference, everything will come toanend.”


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