The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1141

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1141

Chapter 1141
Mt. Thunder was distinct from Mt. Thunder Pass in the Southern Plains.

Mt. Thunder was located in the East of Sol. The mountain range stretched over 20,000 kilometers, spanning Sol’s entire length.

From Sol’s map, the mountain range looked like a gigantic, undulating dragon.

In the same vein, Mt. Thunder’s east end resembled a dragon’s head and thus, it was known as Sol’s Mother Mountain.

James left the Capital with the Blade of Justice in hand and departed toward Mt. Thunder’s closest city, Terentville.

Aboard the plane, James leaned back against the seat with his eyes closed with his hands tightly clutched around his sword.

Soon, the plane landed in Terentville.

“Sir, we’ve arrived in Terentville.”

James had inadvertently fallen asleep while resting on the plane. He was unaware they had landed in Terentville until a breathy voice tried calling out to him.

“We’ve arrived?”

“Yes, we’ve landed.” The stewardess nodded at him.

She had been keeping a wary eye on James for some time. He seemed rather suspicious when he boarded the plane and kept holding onto his sword throughout the flight. She was actually surprised

that he passed the security check with his sword.

The stewardess was also rather curious about James’ appearance.

James had worn his hat low over his head so it obscured most of his facial features. To add to this, he was also wearing a pair of dark sunglasses which further prevented her from getting a good look at him.

James stood up.

The stewardess, Stella Lyon, stared at James and stood in his way.

Janies looked at the stewardess who was not bothering to hide her distrust of him and asked tersely, “What’s wrong? Is there anything else you need? If there’s nothing you require, please let me through.”

“S-Sorry.” Stella quickly stepped aside. James passed through her while still holding firmly onto the Blade of Justice.

Stella continued warily eyeing James as he walked away and muttered under her breath, “What a strange person. He didn’t even spare me a glance. Have my looks degraded that much? Are men simply not attracted to me anymore?”

She was confident in her beauty and alluring figure since she was rated the most beautiful stewardess online and had an extremely sizeable social media following.

Men could barely take their eyes off of her whenever they saw her. Over the years, countless people had sought to court her but she never accepted any of their advances.

“I’m such a catch, but that guy didn’t even look at me… Whatever, he probably swings the other way.”

Stella clicked her tongue in frustration and walked away.

As James left the plane, the Blade of Justice was still tightly clutched in his hands. James walked out of the airport and stood by the roadside. He took out his phone and called the number that had sent him the video previously.

Soon, the call went through and someone picked up the phone.

Bearing a murderous gaze, James spoke with a voice like cold steel, “I’ve already arrived at Terentville. You’d better not touch a single hair on my friend’s or the Callahans’ heads. If I see so much as a single scratch on them, I assure you it’ll be last thing you ever do.”

“Whether they stay unharmed depends on how much you cooperate.” A hoarse voice replied indifferently.

James had already started recording the call beforehand.

“Anyway, I’m finally here. What else do you want me to do?”

“It’s very simple, really. I need you to go to Mount Thunder Sect and assassinate their leader. Your friends and family are free to go once you kill him.”

“How am I supposed to do that?” The cold expression on James’ face remained unchanged.

The hoarse voice spoke once again. This time, they sounded mildly frustrated. “Drop your humble act. With your current strength, there are very few here who will be able to defeat you. You might not be a match for him if you take him head-on, but no one said you had to play fair. You could sneak up on him or even use poison to take him out if needed. Mount Thunder Sect has always been on the King’s side. You’re the Dragon King and the Emperor. The King trusts you highly. If you go to Mt.

Thunder, you’ll be a welcomed guest. The leader will definitely greet you in person, so a sneak attack would easily take him out.”

The other party gave James a little advice.

“When the Mount Thunder Sect’s leader dies, I’ll keep my word let the hostages go. I’d advise you to act quickly, James. Quincy and the other women are rather tempting and attractive. I’m afraid a few of my subordinates might be unable to hold back if you take too long…”

“Beep! Beep!”

The other party ominously hung up the phone.

James scowl only intensified. He never expected the other party to order him to assassinate Mount Thunder Sect’s leader. He knew about Mount Thunder Sect. A hundred years ago, they were they ones who led Sol’s martial artists


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