The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1142

Chapter 1142
Mount Thunder Sect’s previous leader used to be the Great Grandmaster and held great prestige in Sol.

It stood to reason that this generation’s sect leader would be just as, if not stronger.

James took a deep breath, took out his phone, and called Henry who was stationed far in the Capital.

It did not take long for Henry to pick up and answer the call. “Emperor, what orders do you have for me?”

James directly ordered him, “I’ll send you an audio recording. Try and run it through the civilian database and see if you can find a match.”

Henry said, “Okay, no problem.”

James asked, “Have you sent Maxine and Thea back to Cansington.”

“Yep. I’ve sent them back and trapped them in a room as per your instructions.”

‘They’re martial artists so be when handling them, especially Thea. She’s incredibly strong. I’ve sealed their acupoints, but it’ll only hold them back them for a day at most. Once some time passes, the military region’s soldiers won’t be able to stop them if they’re determined to leave.”

James paused for a moment to think, then continued. ‘Tell two soldiers to inform Maxine and Thea that if they escape, all the soldiers guarding them will be executed. They’re women, right? They won’t have the heart to simply sacrifice innocent lives.”

James knew the acupoints he sealed would not stay that way for long. The moment the two of them recover their strength, they’d come to Mt.Thunder.

He did not want them to blindly rush to their deaths. Although this method may not be the most effective, it was the only way to keep them there for now.

“Alright, I’ll pass on the orders,” said Henry.

Henry was unsure about what led to Thea gaining such incredible capabilities in such a short period of time, but he did not pry further since James had chosen not to say a word about it.

After James had delivered his orders, he hung up the phone.

Afterward, he sat by the roadside outside the airport and observed the passersby in a daze.He came to Terentville, which was close to Mt. Thunder but found himself at a loss and was unsure what to do next.

Assassinate Mount Thunder Sect’s leader?

That was out of the question.He could not kill an innocent to save others.

On the other hand, Quincy and the Callahans’s lives would be in danger if he did not comply.His brows were furrowed and his face was wrinkled with worry. He soon received a call back from Henry.

‘The other person was using a voice modulator. We’re unable to decrypt the voice and run it through the database. As such, we couldn’t find out the identity of the person that called you.”

“Alright. Thanks.”

James had not expected it to work and was mostly trying it as a shot in the dark.

‘What do I do now?”

James leaned back on the staircase and racked his brains.He knew he could not act recklessly.

Every decision he made now would affect the Mount Thunder Conference.

“Maybe the people from Gu Sect are afraid of the leader of the Mount Thunder Sect. Which is why they want me to assassinate him and eliminate a powerful opponent before the conference begins… or maybe it’s something else.” James murmured in a daze.

“Hey, it’s you.”

A voice suddenly snapped him back to reality.

James opened his eyes upon hearing the voice.

Standing in front of him was a slender and beautiful woman. She was dressed in a down jacket and knee-high boots. She looked perplexedly at James, who was sitting on the ground absent-mindedly.

It was Stella. She had changed out of her uniform and was headed to a nearby hotel for the night.

She had already requested for half a month’s leave.

The Snow Lotuses on Mt. Thunder would soon be in full bloom, and countless tourists flocked to Mt. Thunder to see them every year.

Stella had always dreamed of witnessing the magical sight and finally she was able to take the opportunity to do so.

James was shock


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