The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1144

Chapter 1144
A harsh voice boomed at James as he approached the mountain’s peak. The snow in the sky suddenly coalesced into a humongous snowball and was hurled right toward James.

James quickly drew his sword.

He raised the Blade of Justice, and the sword illuminated with a bright light. It materialized into Sword Energy that slashed toward the snowball. The snowball exploded sending a flurry of fine snow into the air.

James stood on a big tree and looked ahead of him.

He spotted an old man standing on a rock.

The old man was round-faced and bore a white beard. Dressed also in a white robe, he gave off a cantankerous vibe.

The old man kept his hands behind his back while narrowing his eyes at James.

“When did a young man with such potent True Energy exist in Sol? Young man, there is still some time before Mount Thunder Conference begins. Mount Thunder Sect is not accepting guests before the conference. As such, you should leave right now.”

The old man shouted and gestured for James to leave.

James looked at the bearded old man and said, “I’m the Dragon King of the Southern Plains, and the Commander of the Red Flame Army, James. I’m visiting in advance to see the head of Mount Thunder Sect.”

“It doesn’t matter who you are. Even if the King himself came, he would still not be allowed to ascend Mt. Thunder.”

The old man stood firm. He had never heard of the Dragon King of the Southern Plains nor the commander of the Red Flame Army.

‘Who might you be? What happens if I insist on ascending the mountain?” James asked calmly.

“Haha, that depends on whether you can get past me.” The old man laughed.

The old man raised his hand, and suddenly a powerful force erupted from his body. With a wave of his hand, the snow in the sky once again started to gather together.

He waved his hand again, and the densely packed, large snowball hurtled toward James.

James leaped tens of meters away.


The snowball crashed down on the 100-meter-high tree and flattened it in an instant.

The snow scattered and swept toward James and threatened to bury him inside it.


James quickly drew his sword and blocked the mini avalanche.

‘Thirteen Heavenly Swords?”

The old man’s jaw hung open in disbelief. He stared at James and asked,” Young man, how do you know the Cadens’ signature martial art skill, the Thirteen Heavenly Sword? Are you from the Cadens?”

James parted his lips and said, “Correct. I’m James from the Caden family.”

‘What’s your relation to Bennett Caden?”

James was taken aback when he heard Bennet’s name being mentioned.

‘Who is this old man? The first person he asks about is Bennett, the Grand Patriarch of the Cadens,’ This thought among many others raced through James’ mind.

He had no idea how old Bennett was, but since he was Tobias’ grandfather, he surmised that Bennett had to be quite old. Tobias was about 80 years old. The age difference between the two should be by at least 40 years. After a quick calculation, James concluded that Bennett was about 120 years old.

Since the old man in front of him knew Bennett, he must also be from Bennett’s generation. This meant that he was also a powerhouse that had lived for more than a hundred years.

“I’m of the Cadens’ youngest generation. Bennett holds the most senior position in our family and is also my grandfather’s grandfather,” said James.

‘Young man, you’re talented. You’ve attained such brilliant swordsmanship despite your age. You’re much more talented right now compared to Bennett back then,” the old man complimented James as he stroked his white beard pensively.

James was shocked.

Who was this old man?

Judging from his words, it seemed that he was Bennett’s elder and had watched him grow up. Otherwise, he would not have said such a thing.

“Sir, may I inquire what your name is?”


The old man chuckled loudly.

His body suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of James in an instant.

His movements were lightning-fast. Even James could not clearly see him until he suddenly reappeared in front of him. Startled,

James took a few steps backward.

“I never expected to meet such a talented kid on my evening stroll.”

The old man looked at James with satisfaction and said, “Not bad. You’ve got great potential, young man.”

Having been the subject of the old man’s scrutiny, James felt rather awkward.

He smiled bashfully and asked, “Sir, I’m sorry for the abrupt visit, but I need to meet the head of the Mount Thunder Sect. Would you be so kind as to let me pass?”

‘What’s the use of seeing that pedantic whippersnapper? Come have a drink with me.” The old man held onto James, and his body turned into a blur. The two quickly ascended to the mountain’s peak.

Almost instantly, the two appeared at the highest point of Mt. Thunder.


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