The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1147

Chapter 1147
James drank the miraculous drop of wine.

When the drop of wine entered James’ stomach, he felt a fire lit deep within his body. His True Energy acted as the kindling, constantly allowing the flames to keep burning and energy continually surged throughout his body.

While James was focused on absorbing the energy, the old man stood at the cliff’s edge not far away with his hands on his back.

His eyes gazed quietly into the distance.

The night passed by quickly.

James spent the whole night absorbing the energy from the single drop of Mount Thunder Snow Lotus Wine.

He found that his True Energy had become much more potent after the night had come and gone.

He finished his meditation and let out a long sigh. Then, he stood up and said, ‘Thank you, Sir.”

The old man turned around.

He took a step forward and appeared before James instantly. He sat down on one of the stone chairs and rubbed his chin. “Not bad. It’s only been one night, and you’ve already managed the absorb and refine the energy.”

James sat beside him and said, “After absorbing it overnight, my True Energy has definitely become more enhanced. I can feel my it flowing uninterrupted and endlessly throughout my body.”

The old man stroked his white beard and said, “Very good. It seems like you’ve already reached the threshold of the seventh rank.”

James was unable to respond when he heard this.

That meant he was at the peak of the sixth rank.

He had not expected to have reached such a high level so quickly.

The old man continued to observe him delightedly. “It’s very rare for someone your age to have reached the sixth rank. However, you shouldn’t get ahead of yourself. Although you’re one step away from the seventh rank, it’s no easy feat to get past this stage.

Countless martial art geniuses find themselves stuck here and spend their entire lives unable to surpass it.”

James knew that if he wanted to enter the fifth rank, he had to regulate his Governor Vessel Conception Vessel and Eight

Extraordinary Meridians.

To reach the sixth rank, one would have to materialize True Energy.

As for the seventh rank, he had no idea what criteria were required to reach it. No one has ever told him about it because only a handful of people had ever reached such heights.

Even fewer were those who had reached the eighth rank.

James humbly inquired, “Sir, what’s the seventh rank like?”

The old man explained, ‘The seventh realm is called Earthly Rouser.”

James asked, ‘What is the meaning of Earthly Rouser?”

The old man waved his hand dismissively as he replied. “It’s just a title. In order to enter the seventh rank, one must meet three requirements. The first is what you mentioned previously. One’s true Energy must be endless and flow continuously within the body, essentially forming a cycle. After reaching this realm, one’s True Energy will keep circulating in the body, allowing one to use minimal amounts of True Energy to generate great strength during a battle. Thus, combat effectiveness and endurance will greatly increase.”

‘The second is to reach the Summit.”

James listened carefully but still found himself confused. He asked, “How do I reach the Summit?”

“Reaching the Summit means gathering one’s True Energy to your head,” the old man replied and pointed to his head.

Then, he continued, “This is an important Spiritual Gate in martial arts. You’ll have to break through this Spiritual Gate to concentrate your energy in the Summit.”

‘What about the third requirement?”

The old man replied again, “The third requirement is to break through the Ultimate Spiritual Gate.”

“Huh?” None of this made a lick of sense to James.

The old man saw his confused face and replied with a smile, “It’s the last Spiritual Gate in the human body.”

‘Where may that be?”

The old man shook his head slightly and said, “It’s different for everyone. When you reach the Summit, you’ll naturally understand. When you surpass the Ultimate Spiritual Gate, you’d officially enter the seventh rank, Earthly Rouser,”.

He absently gazed into the distance and then suddenly stomped his foot onto the ground.

A terrifying force erupted from it, and James could sense the force rushing toward the mountain range in the distance.


In an instant, the ground trembled, and the mountains shook.

The snow-capped mountain collapsed into itself, and huge rocks rolled to the ground.

James’ eyes widened in shock and disbelief.W-What kind of monstrous power is this?’


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