The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1148

Chapter 1148
The old man smiled faintly. He raised his hand and a terrifying aura immediately began emanating from it. Instantly, the collapsing snow capped mountain the distance froze as if stopped in time.

“This…?” James was flabbergasted.

“His aura…”

He had sensed a similar aura before.

When he was in Mount Littleroot, he managed to damage Donovan to the point where he was throwing up blood. After Donovan asked for help, he sensed a similar aura. This power coveted by martial artists around the globe was able to move the winds and clouds themselves.

James had a suspicion that the old man before him was an eighth-rank martial artist, also known as Celestial Raiser.

Feeling the possibility arise, James opened his mouth.

“Sir, are you perhaps… A grandmaster of the eighth rank?”

“Haha…”the old man stroked his white beard and laughed cryptically.

This was his unspoken affirmation that he was indeed an eighth-rank grandmaster. James took a deep breath. He never expected to meet someone of this rank on Mt. Thunder. It was no wonder Mt. Thunder was highly respected and admired by ancient martial artists.

After taking a deep breath, James calmed down.

Knowing this was his opportunity to ask for guidance, he quickly inquired about martial art knowledge.

Meanwhile, on another peak of Mt. Thunder. Many buildings and a palace stood tall against the snowy landscape.

A large crowd had gathered in front of the palace.

Everyone looked toward the towering mountain in the distance with solemn expressions.

“How terrifying… He shook the mountains, caused an avalanche, and then used the True Energy of the eighth rank to freeze it in place. Who’s the person behind this? Are they demonstrating their power as a warning to our sect?”

‘That’s the peak of Mt. Thunder. 200 years ago, martial artists from around the world gathered there to fight for the manual of the Divine Six. The casualties were nothing short of catastrophic, and the Divine Six disappeared. After the ordeal, the sect leader prohibited disciples from climbing to the top of Mt. Thunder.”

“Young lady, quickly get the leader to come out of his closed-door meditation.”

“Yes, someone has secretly ascended to Mt. Thunder’s peak and is causing a huge ruckus. The unidentified visitor is obviously trying to send a message to the Mount Thunder Sect.”

The people gathered together all wore worried expressions.

At the very front was a woman in her 20s.

She was dressed in a white dress. Her slender and graceful figure gave her an ephemeral aura that made it seem like she was a fairy that stayed completely removed from the modern world.

She was Delainey, the Mt Thunder Sect leader’s daughter as well as the young mistress overseeing the sect.

Delainey knew the gravity of the situation.

The Mount Thunder Conference was approaching, and now there was an eighth-ranked grandmaster in their territory. It was imperative that her father be informed of this.

She nodded and said, ‘Yes, I’ll go right away.”

Delainey turned around and left, quickly heading to the mountain’s leeward side.

There was a natural cave in front of a cliff on this side. Delainey arrived and stopped for a moment before finally deciding to enter the cave. A chilly and foreboding blast of cold air swept over her as she walked into the cave. Even though she was a third-rank grandmaster, she could not help shuddering.

She walked deeper into the cave.

After getting through a series of booby traps, she finally arrived at the deepest part of the cave.

Inside a secret room in the cave’s depths, a man in his 40s was floating one meter above the ground in a lotus position.

A powerful and cold aura flowed from his body, causing Delainey to shiver uncontrollably. She looked at the middle-aged man who was Cultivating and timidly called out, “Dad.”

The middle-aged man slightly opened his eyes.

The energy surrounding his body was drawn back into the man’s body, and he firmly landed on the ground. He looked at

Delainey and asked with a gentle smile, “Delainey, why are you here?”

“Dad, didn’t you sense the surge of power earlier?”

Hearing this, the middle-aged man’s expression became serious. He nodded and replied, ‘Yes, I did. It was from someone who’s of the eighth rank.”


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