The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149
The eighth rank, Celestial Raiser, could move the winds and clouds with just a burst of their energy.

It was impossible for Jackson Cabral not to have sensed the immense power needed for that.

Since the most significant martial art event, the Mount Thunder Conference was upon them, it was normal for eighth-ranked grandmasters to appear around this time.

“Dad, this person has caused such a huge commotion among the Mount Thunder Sect members. It’s obviously a provocation directed at us. Our sect sent out all our martial artists a hundred years ago and suffered severe casualties. We’ve finally recovered from it after such a long time. If someone were to ambush us right now, I’m afraid our sect…”

The creases on Delainey’s face grew even deeper.

“Also, the Mt. Thunder Snow Lotus Wine was stolen.”


Jackson’s expression darkened, and he asked in a voice that barely repressed his anger, “When was it stolen?”


Jackson realized the severity of the situation. “Many elders of the sixth rank are guarding the wine cellar. The thief must have been extraordinarily talented to escape unscathed and without getting detected.”

Delainey asked, “Dad, is the person who showed off their skills just now trying to send us a warning?”

“It’s very likely. He couldn’t have picked a better time too. This might mean that there might be unforeseen events during the Mount Thunder Conference.”

“What should we do now, Dad?” Delainey was at a loss.

“Walk with me.”

Jackson walked out of the cave, and Delainey followed behind him.

The two took a stroll around the snow-capped mountain.

Jackson said, “Delainey, tell me what’s happened to the outside world while I’ve been in closed-door meditation.” He knew the Mount Thunder Conference would soon be held in their territory.

However, he had never concerned himself with worldly affairs for years and did not know what was happening outside the mountain.

Which led him to ask Delainey about it since she had recently returned from a trip outside the mountains.

Delainey nodded and explained the events happening outside in detail.

She included everything from the conflict between the Ancient Four, the marriage between the Cadens and the Bitihes, James being captured, the martial artists around the world gathering in Mount Littleroot, to the current situation in the Capital.

Although Mount Thunder Sect was situated on the top of snow-capped mountains, they had eyes and ears scattered across the globe. Delainey knew about the events outside the mountains, especially the ones surrounding James. During this period, he became a highly discussed topic of discussion.


Jackson was bewildered when he heard about James’ activity. He asked doubtfully, “Is it true he managed to abolish Hades’ cultivation base despite being under 30 years old?”

‘Yes, this is confirmed information relayed by our disciples scattered outside.” Delainey nodded.

“What kind of person is he?”

‘That, I’m not sure about. I didn’t meet him while I was outside. I only know about his identity as the Dragon King of the Southern Plains, and that he was recently appointed as the Emperor. He is on the King’s side, so he is naturally our ally. Thus, you won’t have to worry too much about him.”

Jackson sighed and said, “I never expected such a young and talented martial artist to emerge suddenly. I heard some rumors from the outside world that the Cadens were clutching at straws, and once their Grand Patriarch passes, they’d face a slow descent into mediocrity. Now that James has appeared, the Cadens can continue acting like they’re still relevant. As expected from the leader of the Ancient Four, a martial arts prodigy will emerge from the Cadens every few decades. Meanwhile, our sect’s lineage…”

“By the way…”

Jackson remembered something and asked, “Has there been any news about your brother, Yael?”

Delainey shook her head and replied, “I haven’t heard anything about him yet.”

“Let’s head down. The Mount Thunder Conference is coming soon, and Mt. Thunder can’t be without a leader. Without a strong leader protecting it, other factions or clans will think they can do as they please in our territory.’

“Dad, have you broken through the seventh rank?”

Jackson shook his head pensively and said, “I can’t seem to break through the last Spiritual Gate. Maybe it’s because I don’t have sufficient True Energy. It’ll probably take a few more decades before I can break through it.”

Hearing this, Delainey did not pry any further.

The two headed back to the mountain together.


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