The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1151

Chapter 1151
The Blithe King grumbled worriedly.

He quickly left the office and headed toward the villa where Maxine and Thea were being held. Soon, he appeared at the door and gave it a light knock.

Thea and Maxine were still formulating a plan when they heard the unexpected knock on the door.

Maxine stood up and said while walking over to the door, ‘Til go get it.”

She opened the door and saw the Blithe King standing outside.

“Ms. Maxine,” the Blithe King greeted her with a smile.

“Come inside.”

Maxine turned and led him into the villa.

The Blithe King walked through the door.

Seeing the Blite King, Thea stood up furiously and yelled at him, “What do you mean by this, Blithe King? How long do you plan to keep us trapped?”

The Blithe King replied awkwardly, “Ms. Thea, you can’t blame me for this. James issued the order specifically prohibiting you and Maxine from leaving. Failure to carry out our duty means our soldiers will be executed. I hope this explains why I can’t let you leave for Mt. Thunder. This isn’t something I can go against either.”

Maxine glanced at the Blithe King and asked calmly, “Blithe King, do you know the main reason why he’s going to Mt. Thunder?”

The Blithe King replied, “Isn’t it to participate in the Mount Thunder Conference?”

“That’s not the case. The Callahans, Quincy, and the rest were captured. Their lives are being used as leverage against James, forcing him to go to Mt. Thunder. He’s definitely in danger going there by himself,” said Maxine.

Hearing this, the Blithe King pressed his lips together. “Are you serious?”

“You should release us as soon as possible. We might be able to make it in time to Mt. Thunder to help him. Anything could happen to him if he faces the enemy on his own.” Maxine looked at the Blithe King pleadingly.

Thea put on a pitiful expression and tried to appeal to the Blithe King’s guilty conscience. “Blithe King, I’m sure you’re aware that James recently stirred up a huge storm in the Capital and that this caught the attention of many peopler. He’ll undoubtedly be walking into his death on Mt. Thunder.”

Closing his eyes, the Blithe King rubbed his chin pensively.

After mulling over it for a moment, he said, “If it’s so dangerous, then that’s all the more reason to keep you here isn’t it? How will I explain myself to James if he comes back and finds that you two had gotten injured from this?”

“Why can’t you just-” Thea was enraged and it took the words out of her mouth. She tried to plead nicely, but the Blithe King simply refused to let them leave.

-“Blithe King, all hell will break loose in Sol if James dies. We can’t let anything happen to him, let alone allow him to die. You better think about this carefully. Many people want him dead, but he doesn’t help from any of his allies at the moment. The only people who can help him are Thea and I.”

‘You have a good point…” The Blithe King wore a troubled expression.

Any theoretical action he thought of taking seemed wrong.

“Blithe King, I beg you. Please let me leave.”

Thea began to beg him, and Maxine also pleased alongside her.

Ultimately, the Blithe King conceded.

“Fine, then. Go.”

He had no choice since he was in no position to help James. He truly believed the only people that could help James were Maxine and Thea.

The two women quickly left the military region as if they were granted amnesty.

The Blithe King strode out of the villa.

The soldier guarding the door was shocked. He looked at the Blithe King in confusion and asked, “Commander, what happened?

Why did you suddenly let them go?”

The Blithe King sighed.”The situation is deperate right now. It’s too much for you to understand. You’re all dismissed. Go ahead and get a good rest. I’ll explain things to the Emperor later.”

The soldiers left after they were dismissed.

After Thea and Maxine left the military region, they headed directly to the airport.

At the same time, Thea summoned the elite members from the God-King Palace from all over the country.

“Rush to Mt. Thunder immediately and meet me there.”


After receiving the order, the elite members of the God-King Palace set out from different parts of the country and headed to Mt. Thunder to meet up with Thea.

Meanwhile, James was at the peak of the highest snow-capped mountain in the Mount Thunder Sect’s territory. He was

acquiring knowledge from the senior martial artist he encountered. After spending a long time chatting with him, James felt as if a new world had opened before him.

The old man was also very satisfied with James’ progress and determination.

He had never encountered a person with such astute comprehension skills. No matter the problem, James was easily able to overcome it with only a few hints being given to him. He was a rare type of prodigy; one that only appeared every century or so.


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