The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1153

Chapter 1153
More than a dozen disciples from Mount Thunder Sect tried to prevent James from advancing further.

However, these disciples were relatively weak. Most of them were in the first rank.

They were no match for James. Almost instantly, James slashed their swords in half, but the only thing they saw was a figure briefly flickering before their eyes.

The disciples’ eyes all widened, and their minds began whirling with a mixture of disbelief, terror, and panic.

W-What kind of terrifying strength was this?

James did not want to escalate the situation further than was necessary. He stood behind them and said calmly, “Hurry off and report to your leader that James is here to visit.”

The disciples finally regained their senses, picked up the pieces of their broken swords, and quickly scrambled inside.

James stood in place and waited patiently.

Meanwhile, countless seasoned warriors from Mount Thunder Sect were gathered inside a large palace hall.

Sitting in front was Mount Thunder Sect’s leader, Jackson Cabral, and below him were a number of sect elders.

They were gathered to discuss the upcoming Mount Thunder Conference.

“Sect Leader, we have a problem…”

Some disciples rushed into the hall anxiously and got down on one knee.

Seated in the front, Jackson made his displeasure clearly evident. “Where’s your discipline? Why are you guys shouting?”

“Sect Leader, a young man showed up outside claiming to be James. He demanded to see you and disarmed many disciples.”

“James?” Jackson stood up abruptly.

Delainey had just told him about the once-in-a-century martial arts prodigy, James, and how he abolished the cultivation base of the head of the Johnstons.

“Yes, he claims to be James.”

“Let’s go out to have a look.” Jackson swiftly left ahead of them.

Delainey’s curiosity was piqued. She had heard of James’ name for some time but never had the chance to meet him.

The other elders also followed after them.

Outside, James held onto the Blade of Justice and gazed at the snow capped mountains in the distance. He was thinking about his next move.

Should he kill the Mount Thunder Sect’s leader or not?

He was conflicted. Every decision seemed to have unbearable consequences.

Soon, he heard a flurry of footsteps rushing hurriedly toward him.

James put aside his thoughts and turned around. Immediately, he saw dozens of people approaching him. They quickly reached the mountain’s entrance.

He looked at the middle-aged man in the front and Delainey standing closely behind him. James recalled seeing that woman at the Blithes’ territory, Mount Littleroot, but he had not spoken to her.

“You must be James Caden?”

As he walked over, Jackson’s eyes were fixed on James. He seemed to be carefully scrutinizing him.

He did not possess a commanding presence and seemed like any other regular man based on his outside appearance.

James nodded lightly.

Jackson parted his lips. “The Mount Thunder Conference has not begun. We’re not accepting guests right now. What do you seek from the Mount Thunder Sect?”

“What I require is something important.” James glanced at Jackson and began to estimate his strength. He was analyzing whether he could defeat Mount Thunder Sect’s leader in a head-on fight.

‘What’s the purpose of your visit?” Jackson gestured for James to speak.

He had no plans of inviting James into their mountain.

The Mount Thunder Conference was happening soon, and they could not let their guard down.

James moved his gaze over all the people present.

Jackson immediately understood the purpose of James’ visit and waved his hand, saying, ‘You all can step back for now.”


The Mount Thunder Sect’s elders and disciples backed away from the scene.

Jackson and Delainey were the only two that remained.

James eyed the ethereal-looking woman opposite him once again.

Jackson waved his palm towards her. ‘This is my daughter, Delainey. You can go ahead and state your purpose.”

“I want your life.”

James’ face darkened, and at once, an immense force was released from his body.



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