The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1155

Chapter 1155
James was left with no choice.

He had to defeat and kill Jackson as his enemy demanded.He steeled himself and leaped into the air with the Blade of Justice as he charged toward Jackson.

Keeping a tight grip on the Frost Sword, a cold aura emitted from Jackson’s body and the sword’s blade. In an instant, the surroundings were blasted with a chilly breeze.

James appeared in front of him and Jackson raised his Frost Sword to defend against the incoming strike.


The two swords collided, and a terrifying shock of True Energy burst forth from the impact, quickly spreading like ripples in water.

James felt the recoil through the Blade of Justice, and his arm went slightly numb. Before he could react, Jackson quickly slid the

Frost Sword’s blade along the Blade of Justice, swiftly gunning for James’ arm.

James whirled the Blade of Justice and quickly deflected the attack. Then, he circled in place, unleashing another materialized

Sword Energy in Jackson’s direction.

The Sword Energy was golden in color and rushed forward like a golden ray of light.

It was dazzling and eye-catching against the snowy surroundings.

James’ Sword Energy made Mount Thunder Sect’s elders and disciples speechless.

“W-What immense Sword Energy!”

“What martial arts does this kid practice? His True Energy is so potent despite being so young.”

The elders’ jaws practically fell to the floor in amazement.

Meanwhile, Jackson was forced to retreat into a corner.


Jackson shouted and slashed his sword forward, causing the snow in the sky to quickly gather together and head toward the

Sword Energy like a blade made from a terrifying blizzard.

When the two techniques collided, the Snowstorm attack was instantly scattered into snow. However, the snow continued rushing forward to attack James.

James was forced to constantly back off by the rapidly attacking snow. He quickly cast one of the Thirteen Heavenly Sword techniques to materialize a shield and successfully blocked the snow blast.

The onlookers could only see the two figures flashing in mid-air and their eyes could not keep up with James and Jackson.

James unleashed the First Sword Energy of the Thirteen Heavenly Sword and unleashed a flurry of slashes.

On the other hand, Jackson’s skills were on par with James. He had refined swordsmanship and was able to match the intensity of James’ attacks. The two took their battle from the ground to the air, and from the air to the various mountain peaks.

After exchanging terrifying blow after terrifying blow, none of them had gained any ground on the other in battle.

The whole battle left James at a loss for words.

The Thirteen Heavenly Swords was a world-renowned sword technique for being as fast as lightning. Its attacks were unpredictable, making it hard for enemies to react. Despite that, he was having difficulty pushing Jackson back with it.

To add to things, Jackson’s Frost Sword was extraordinary. It radiated with Cold Energy and as a result, would slow him down every time their swords clashed.


The swords collided once again.

The impact and shockwave caused a few surrounding blocks of ice to crack.

James quickly backed away and appeared a hundred meters away until he could no longer sense the True Frost Energy.

Jackson had a serious and foreboding expression on his face.

“The Thirteen Heavenly Sword is indeed extraordinary. It’s a pity you’ve only managed to master the First Sword Realm and only the first sword of the Second Sword Realm. You can’t defeat me with your current strength.”

Although James was strong, Jackson was no pushover either.

He stood in mid-air at more than 30 meters high, raising the Frost Sword in his hand. Potent energy swirled around his body and in the air.

His energy gathered the snow floating in the sky together. Coalescing and hardening into Ice Swords.

Hundreds of Ice Swords formed in the sky in a mere instant.

The elders watching from another mountain in the distance exclaimed in awe upon seeing this sight.

“It’s the Sword Snow Art! The Sect leader has already mastered the art to its highest level.”

“That young man, James, thought too highly of his abilities.”

“Using Ice Sword art will make short work of James.”

James fixed his eyes on Jackson in the distance.

Jackson’s energy was too strong, and his technique was mind-blowing. The Cold Energy from the sword was able to control the surrounding snow and gather them to form Ice Swords. In an instant, hundreds of Ice Swords were pointed toward him dangerously.

It was terrifying to behold.


Jackson tilted the Frost Sword in his hand, and the Ice Swords rushed at James threatening to slice him to ribbons in an instant.

James’ expression immediately changed.


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