The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1156

Chapter 1156
James attempted to dodge the blades by retreating backward but the Ice Swords’ movements were much faster than James’.He raised his sword to deflect the attacks.


One of the Ice Swords shattered on impact and exploded into shards of ice.

The other Ice Swords rushed toward him in a criss-cross pattern, as if they were trying to trap him within a net of deadly blades.

James was completely surrounded by the swords and it limited him to only being able to dodge or guard against the relentless attacks.

Asmall misstep caused one of the blades to slice into his arm.

In an instant, his injured arm began to bleed profusely.

The excruciating pain made it hard for him to hold his sword steady.

James did not dare to neglect the wound and quickly performed the strongest Heavenly Breth technique he could muster. Strong

True Energy surged throughout his body and into his limbs and extremities. This caused his skin to take on a bronze sheen.

“W-Wait… It’s him?!”

Atop a distant mountain peak, Delainey exclaimed as she saw James’ skin turn bronze.

“He was the old man that defeated Donovan on Mount Littleroot!”

Delainey happened to be on Mount Litteroot that day when the battle happened.

An unidentified old man defeated Donovan and forced the Grand Patriarch to step in to protect Donovan.

After she returned home, she had been trying to uncover the old man’s identity but could not find any information on him.

She never expected that old man to be James Caden.

James employed Invincible Body Siddhi and his whole body took on a richer bronze hue.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The Ice Swords mercilessly slashed at James’ body. The attacks had an effect on his body’s Blood Energy, but no visible wounds seemed to appear on James’ body.

“What’s this?!*”

Jackson’s eyes widened when he saw his techniques suddenly deal no damage to James.

The martial art technique he specialized in was called Ice Sword Art.

Supposedly, Ice Sword Art’s attacks should have been enhanced since the weapon he wielded was the legendary Frost Sword.

However, despite his efforts, his attacks no longer seemed to be affecting James.

‘What kind of martial art technique is this…?”

Jackson inadvertently pulled back.

James leaped into the air and charged toward Jackson brandishing the Blade of Justice. In a few seconds, he suddenly appeared in front of Jackson. He thrust the Blade of Justice at Jackson’s body.

Jackson quickly held up the Frost Sword to parry the blow.

The force of James’ attack forced Jackson’s body lower and lower toward the ground.


Unable to keep up his strength, Jackson’s body plummeted to the ground and fell through a thick layer of ice.

When they saw their sect leader being overpowered by his challenger, the Mount Thunder Sect’s elders refused to stand by idly for a second longer. They quickly drew their swords one after the other and rushed toward the mountain where he fell.

James noticed their movements and turned to the dozens of people rushing at him. James frowned and clicked his tongue.

He only came here for Jackson’s life and had no intention of involving anyone else in the conflict.


The ice below the ground erupted and a figure soared into the air.

He had a wretched appearance as his hair was disheveled, and his bloodied body was littered with a large number of cuts and bruises.

“Back off,” Jackson roared authoritatively.

James was too strong of an opponent. If he himself as the Mount Thunder Sect Leader and wielder of the Frost Sword was unable to stand against him, these elders’ death would be all but guaranteed if they continued to try and attack him.

His clear, deep voice echoed throughout the mountains and stopped the elders in their tracks almost immediately.

“Dad…” Delainey tearfully cried out after she sensed Jackson’s quickly fading energy. She immediately rushed toward the blood- covered figure of her father.

Having spent a tremendous amount of effort to resurface and stop his sect members, Jackson’s hands let go of the Frost Sword as his body once again crashed onto the ground.

James also gradually landed on the ground steadily.

Jackson summoned the vestiges of his strength again to shakily draw himself up and sat on the ground in a slump.

His pale face stood in contrast to the bright red rivulets of blood flowing down it. He turned to the people from Mount Thunder

Sect that had rushed to aid him, and he coughed out despondently, “Don’t act rashly.”

James moved his gaze over the crowd of concerned people and spoke calmly, “I’m only here for him and him alone. I won’t involve anyone else unnecessarily.”

As he spoke, he walked forward and pointed the Blade of Justice toward Jackson’s neck.

“Stop it, James!” Delainey screamed desperately.

James put away his sword and looked at the injured Jackson.

He walked over, grabbed Jackson’s collar, and jumped into the air; quickly leaving the scene.


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