The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1158

Chapter 1158
James hurriedly made his way over to the coordinates he received.

Using his True Energy, he was able to cover a lot of ground in a small amount of time. In half an hour, he had traveled a distance of more than 200 kilometers.

He took out his phone to make doubly sure he was at the right location. He gazed at the villa that stood in front of him.

The three-story villa was vast and covered an area of several thousand square meters. From a distance, it looked like a mountain resort.

James gripped the hilt of his sword and walked to the villa’s entranceway. He approached the door and knocked lightly.

Soon, the door was answered by a man in his 20s sporting a thick jacket and hat. When he saw James, he backed away in fear and shouted as if he had seen a ghost.

“James is here! He’s arrived…”

His shouts caught the attention of the others in the villa.

At once, many people rushed outside.

The person in the lead was Lucjan.

James walked into the villa’s courtyard, scrutinized the people that had come to meet him. In particular, he stared at the older man in the lead.

The documents given to him by Yaroslav Gabriel included photos.

Using this, James was able to immediately identify and recognize the Gu Sect’s deputy captain, Lucjan, who was from the Owens- the third family in the Gu Sect.

According to Yaroslav’s intel, this person had extraordinary martial arts skills and was at least at the seventh rank.

“James… It’s really you. Haha, welcome to our humble abode.”

Lucjan stepped forward and walked towards James with his arms thrown wide, intending to hug him.

James pointed his sword at him.

Lucjan immediately stopped in his tracks.

James asked tersely, “Where are they?”

“Would it kill you to practice a little patience? Anyway, it’s cold outside. Come in and have a cup of hot tea first.” Lucjan beckoned James into the villa.

Since James already had the determination and courage to come alone, he was unafraid of Lucjan’s men and walked into the house without a sign of hesitation.

Inside the living room of the villa’s first floor, a buxom maid brewed some hot tea and served it to James. James waved his hand and refused the tea.

“Ich, worthless wench.” Lucjan’s face turned black. He reached out and slapped the woman who looked to be in her 20s.

The maid collapsed to the ground upon impact and her body lost all signs of life.

Several men came forward and dragged her body away.

James silently and stoically watched as the scene in front of him played out. His face was emotionless but his heart burned with fury. The people of the Gu Sect had no regard for human lives and killed ruthlessly.

Shortly after, another beautiful woman approached them holding a cup of tea.

Lucjan smiled at James and gestured at her. “Dragon King, please. Have some tea.”

James took the teacup from the woman and had a small sip of the tea.

“Haha, there you go! That wasn’t so hard now, was it? Welcome to the Gu Sect, my friend! Since you’ve pledged your loyalty to me from now on, I promise I’ll treat you well.”

James looked him in the eye and raised his eyebrow. “When did I say I’d follow you…?”

“For starters, you killed Mount Thunder Sect’s leader. Do you think other martial artists are simply going to overlook that fact? You’ve got no choice but to follow me,” Lucjan replied with a cunning grin.

“Where are my friends?” James growled.

Lucjan clapped his hands.

Soon, several women were brought into the living room.

They were Quincy, Tiara, Cynthia, and Scarlett.

However, he did not manage to see any of the Callahans.



Seeing James, the women called out to him.

Lucjan smiled at him lightly. “See. I told you they were fine, but you didn’t believe me.”

“What about the Callahans?”

“They’re locked in the dungeon, but you can rest assured that they’re being with the utmost care that they deserve.”

“Let them go. I promise to do whatever you ask of me.”

The main purpose of James coming to the villa was to save all of Lucjan’s captives.


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