The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1160

Chapter 1160
The women looked at James. All of them appeared concerned and uneasy.

James held his breath for a second before replying, “If everything goes smoothly, I’ll be able to return after New Year’s Day.”

The Mount Thunder Conference fell on Christmas.It was only a few days away from the new year.

The conference would last longer than a mere few days.

If everything proceeded as planned, James could return after the new year.

If not…James did not dare to think about the worst case scenario because he had no confidence in coming back alive in the first place.

Hearing his answer, the women went silent.

After a while, Cynthia suddenly broke the silence and said, “James, I’ve already cultivated my True Energy, but I’m still very weak and won’t be of help to you.”

“Go back to Cansington. All of you don’t need to concern yourself with what’s happening here. After you return, you can do whatever you need to, but just don’t leave Cansington,” James said softly. He hoped that they’d listen to him.

Now that he has Lucjan’s poison coursing through his veins, he plans to stay by his side for some time to get more information

on his plans and wait for an opportunity to wipe them out in one fell swoop.

“Tiara, you…”

James looked at Tiara and opened his mouth hesitantly.

Tiara’s gaze was still directed at the ground.She knew what James wanted to ask but did not know how to respond to him.She bit down on her lips as she scrambled and tried to come up with something to say.

James scratched his head in embarrassment and swallowed nervously. Then he bit the bullet and asked, “A-Are you pregnant?”

The women were shocked when they heard the question directed at Tiara.

Among everyone, Quincy was the one with the biggest reaction. “W-What?! She’s pregnant?”

Not many people knew about the supposed pregnancy.

Cynthia was the only one among them that knew about it.

The rest were left speechless by the sudden news.

“James, I…”

Tiara’s pretty face turned a bright red. She took a deep breath, mustered up the courage, and confessed, “A-Actually, I’m… I’m not pregnant.”


James unconsciously raised his voice, “Wait… You’re not pregnant?!”

James heaved a huge sigh of relief. This revelation made him feel like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

At the same time, he could not help but feel slightly disappointed. He spent all that time worrying over nothing.

“What’s the meaning of this?” He asked with a frown.

Tiara murmured sheepishly, “M-Maxine gave me the idea. She said I’d be able to tie you down with this.”

The additional revelation made James feel like the air had been knocked out of his lungs.

What was Maxine thinking?

“Alright, that’s enough about that. I’ll ask them to send you girls back to Cansington first.”

James did not say anything more and made his way back to the villa.

Quincy pulled Tiara aside and asked her anxiously, “What’s going on, Tiara?”

“I-It’s nothing. Let’s talk about it when we’re back in Cansington,” Tiara replied in a hushed tone.

James walked into the villa.

Lex quickly approached him with a bright smile and said, “I knew it, James. I knew you would come to save us.”

James gave a passing glance at Lex.

David called out excitedly, “James!”

James addressed them with a no-nonsesne tone, “Return to Cansington and keep a low profile. Don’t cause any trouble or do anything to attract attention. You won’t have another person to bail you guys

out the next time around.”

He was well-aware of the prestige and renown he held. He was afraid that the Callahans would use this an opportunity to boast about themselves.

“Yes, of course. We’ll make sure nothing will happen,” Lex vowed grimly.

James walked toward the sofa, sat down, and looked at Lucjan, saying, “I want them back in Cansington safely.”

“Sure, no problem.”

Lucjan smiled and snapped his fingers. “Send everyone back safely. I’ll expect your heads at my door if even a single strand of hair from them is missing.”


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