The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1162

Chapter 1162
Not bothering with James’ lack of response, Lucjan continued to speak. ” Back then, many countries around the world were swept up into the battle that ensued. The enemy went berserk and committed heinous crimes all over the world. However, the King at that time refused the war reparations.”

James listened carefully.

“Our sect advocated taking advantage of the opportunity to launch an attack, but the King prioritized the restoration of the country. Thus, the relationship between both parties frayed and eventually collapsed, leading to the first battle against the Gu Sect. Our sect suffered heavy losses, but the King brushed aside all its prior contributions to the country and wiped out the Owens and Davises.

“I understand that a leader must be decisive in such moments to prevent problems before they arise.

“…But he showed no mercy at all.”

The more Lucjan spoke of the past, the more visibly agitated he became.

Meanwhile, James continued to stay silent and kept his face expressionless.

He knew the saying about how victors were the ones who wrote history.

“Back then, ancient marital artists didn’t concern themselves with worldly affairs. This led to stagnation in the progress of our country, which in turn caused more and more suffering for its people. Now that we have the strength, why can’t we use it to conquer rather than be conquered? Why can’t we usher in a new era with our own rules in place?”


Lucjan gasped for air after going on his tirade.

Composing himself, he swept his sharp eyes over James once more.” Which is why… James, you should join us.

“The King isn’t going to take you back if you return to him. Knowing him, he’ll definitely come up with some scheme to kick you out of your position. However, we have a way to let you enter the political circle. With your current prestige, we can pull a few strings and get you to ascend as the new King during the upcoming election.

“Wouldn’t it be great to have such strong support as the new King and be able to cooperate to create a new era together?”

Lucjan’s excitement caused him to chatter more quickly.

James only gave him a slight smile.

Lucjan’s words did have some merit. At least, he agreed with him to a certain extent.

However, James knew that joining the Gu Sect was out of the question.

There was no such thing as absolute good or absolute evil in this world. Everyone had their own stance and beliefs.

Ultimately, those that oppose one’s beliefs would be seen as being in the wrong and hence, evil.

From the Gu Sect’s standpoint, the King was in the wrong.

From the King’s standpoint, the Gu Sect’s faction was wrong.

Ultimately, who had the right of judging whether one was right or one was wrong?

Lucjan stood up and said, “Think about it carefully, James. I don’t wish to shackle you using this Soul Eating Pill either. I genuinely have the desire to cooperate with you. Alright, you’ve been running around endlessly these past few days and must be exhausted. I’ve already arranged a room for you. You can go take a hot bath and have a good rest.”

Lucjan turned around and left, leaving James sitting alone on the sofa. He picked up a cigarette from the table and lit it.

Soon, two beautiful women approached him.

“Emperor, please follow us upstairs. We’ll be serving you during your bath.”

James stood up and followed the two women.

Inside a luxurious room upstairs, the two women drew a bath for James and held onto bath towels as they prepared to undress James.

James promptly stopped them and said, “It’s okay. You two can leave. I can wash myself.”

The moment he refused them, the two women immediately dropped to their knees before him.

James’ lips curved downwards in a frown. “What are you two doing?”, he said.

One of the women cried, “Emperor, we’re going to die if you chase us out.”

James pressed his lips together and clenched his fists.

He had witnessed Lucjan’s ruthless methods firsthand. That man would mercilessly kill another person over a minor mistake without the slightest bit of hesitation.

After thinking about it, James nodded and said, “Alright then, you can proceed.”


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