The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1166

Chapter 1166
Hearing Callan being mentioned, James could not help asking, “Is Callan still alive? Is he still the current Supreme Commander of Gu Sect?”

Lucjan smiled but did not answer James’ question. Instead, he changed the topic.

“James, I’m expecting a lot from you. I believe your strength and talent will reach their full potential if you join me.”

“You drive a hard bargain. Fine, I’ll join you.” James nodded after hesitating a moment.

Lucjan laughed and clapped his hands together gleefully, “Atta boy! Come, drink.”

Aphrodite and Venus quickly poured out the wine for the two men.

They had a grand feast, but James ate silently throughout the meal without saying much.

After eating, he returned to his room along with Aphrodite and Venus.

A middle-aged man downstairs turned to Lucjan. “Sir, is James really someone we should trust?”

Lucjan paused for a moment before he replied, “He killed Mount Thunder Sect’s leader, Jackson, to save his friends. I have eyes in Mount Thunder Sect. All the sect’s elders and disciples had witnessed the battle.

“Moreover, he has consumed my poison. If he wants to survive, he has no choice but to work for me. For now, we can’t fully assume he’s loyal to us, but the poison will work well to keep him on a short leash. I’ll only trust him after he further proves his worth.”

James sat down on the sofa in his room.

Aphrodite and Venus feared that James would get bored, so they performed a dance inside the room to entertain him.

The twins danced beautifully and gracefully, but James was not in the mood to appreciate them.

“That’s enough. You can stop.” James raised his hand as a sign for the girls to stop.

The two stopped dancing and walked over, sitting beside James.

James moved aside to distance himself and pointed to the bed, saying,” It’s late. You two can go to sleep. I’ve slept during the day and am not tired yet. I’ll cultivate for a while and sleep on the sofa later.”


The two nodded obediently and headed to the bed to get a moment of rest.

Meanwhile, James sat in a lotus position on the sofa and began cultivating.

At the same time, he observed the twins.

After confirming that they were asleep, James flicked his finger toward them and sent a small gust of force toward the twin’s acupoints.

James opened the balcony door and walked outside.

Although it was night, the snow drifting from the sky and the white scenery made it seem like it was still daytime.

He swept his gaze over his surroundings. He did not see anyone else.

Suddenly, he jumped into the air and instantly landed on the third floor’s roof. With another jump, he appeared tens of meters away, disappearing from the area in mere seconds.

A few kilometers away from the villa, a man dressed in a black winter coat and hat stood alone in the snow.

Soon, James appeared and approached the man.

“How did it go?”

The man did not turn around.

James said, “I’ve taken poison from Lucjan and will have to stay under his control for the time being. He asked me to intercept the powerhouses from various sects and families on their way to Mount Thunder Sect. He wants me to kill those I can and cripple those I’m unable to kill. I still haven’t figured out his purpose for wanting to attend the conference. I don’t think its as simple as him trying to attain the position of Great Grandmaster.”

“Mhm.” The man dressed in black nodded in agreement.

“You should inform the sect leaders and family heads to cooperate and play along with my act. However, only inform the reliable ones. There are definitely many people from Gu Sect in major sects and families. I don’t want our plan to be exposed. If that happens, it’ll derail everything.”

“I know.”

The man in black nodded, and his body flashed, instantly reappearing tens of meters away. In the next few moments, the man completely disappeared from James’ sight with a few more moves. After he left, James turned around and returned to the villa.


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