The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1167

Chapter 1167
Soon, James returned to the villa and leaped onto the second-floor balcony. He was about to enter his room when an unexpected voice from behind caught him off guard.

“Where did you go?”

James turned to the sound and saw an old man sitting in a lotus position in the courtyard.

Lucjan jumped and instantly appeared on the second-floor balcony.

James looked at him calmly, but internally his heart was racing.

He had specifically checked the area before leaving. There seemed to be no one around, and he took great caution to ensure he was not being followed. He never expected Lucjan to spot him on his way back.

James shrugged and replied, “I bored in the room, so I went for a short walk. What’s wrong? Am I not allowed to leave?”

“Of course, you can.”

Lucjan parted his mouth and said, “James, I really like you and I genuinely hope that we can work together as comrades instead of me having to use the poison against you.”

“That’s out of the question.”

James refused. ‘This is the last thing I do for you. After this, I hope you’ll give me the antidote. I’m not planning on joining forces with you.”

“You have no one else to turn to.”

“Even so, I refuse to lend aid to those who harm others. Being an outcast actually works greatly in my favor. I can finally retire and live a leisurely life.”

“I’m sure you’ll come to agree with us eventually.”

Lucjan did not say anymore and jumped off, landing firmly in the courtyard below.

James took a deep breath after he left.

He was cautious before leaving, and no one should have followed or seen his meeting with the other person.

Unless Lucjan were an eighth-ranked grandmaster, James would definitely be able to tell if he was following him.

However, that was highly unlikely.

According to Yaroslav’s information, Lucjan’s rank was unknown but was assumed to be about in the seventh rank, and it was impossible for him to have reached the eighth rank.

James turned around and entered the room, closing the door behind him.

Aphrodite and Venus were still sleeping like logs.

After James entered the room, he unsealed their acupoints and sat down in a lotus position with his eyes closed to meditate.

Meanwhile, two beautiful women sat together in a presidential suite at a five-star hotel in Terentville.

They were Tiara and Maxine who had rushed to James’ rescue. After they reached Terentville, they did not immediately head to Mount Thunder Sect but waited for God-King Palace’s reinforcements to arrive.

Thea sat cross-legged in her pajamas and looked at Maxine. Then, she asked, “Almost all the elite fighters from the God-King Palace have reached Terentville. When should we act?”

Maxine looked incredulously at Thea. “Act? How will we act when we don’t even know where James is right now? Plus, we also don’t know who’s the one that abducted Quincy and the others.”

Thea cast her eyes downwards at Maxine’s blunt reply.

She still had no idea where James was and who it was that had captured the Callahans.

Although they were now in Terentville and were not far from Mount Thunder Sect, she felt like she was grasping at straws.

“What do we do?” asked Thea.

Maxine thought for a while and said, “I’ll call my grandfather and ask about the situation. The Cadens have a certain status in the ancient martial world and should know what’s happening now. I’ll ask him and see if there is any news about James’ whereabouts.

After speaking, Maxine took out her phone and called Tobias, who was far away in the Capital.

Eventually, Tobias picked up after a few rings.

“Grandpa,” Maxine greeted him respectfully.

“Mhm.” Tobias responded softly and asked, “You must be headed to Mt. Thunder, right?” “Yeah, we’ve just arrived in Terentville.”


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