The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1169

Chapter 1169
It did not take long for Quincy to send a set of coordinates to Thea.

Quincy’s phone had been taken away from her during the time they were held captive, so she had no idea where they were being held.

Upon their release, they were not restrained any longer and so she had the opportunity to observe her surroundings.

Thus, she knew the place they were held was near Terentville.

Judging by the speed at which the car traveled to Terentville airport, she could roughly guess the villa’s location.

Thea looked at the large red circle indicating the approximate location of the villa on the map sent by Quincy and frowned.

“This is way too vast of an area. This covers about dozens of kilometers. How are we supposed to find him with this?”

Maxine took a look and raised her brow, saying, “She’s definitely given us a wide zone where James could be, but we still have to try anyway. There’s not much time before the Mount Thunder Conference. Countless champions from major sects and families are probably making their way there as we speak. We must find James as soon as possible and stop him from taking any more reckless actions. Otherwise, there will be no turning back for him.”

“Mhm. I’ll notify the people from God-King Palace to survey the area.” Thea nodded and took out her phone, informing all the members of the God-King Palace to look for a villa located in the area marked

out by Quincy. Meanwhile, James was sitting in a lotus position in a room on the villa’s second floor. His body floated one meter above the ground and exuded a fearsome aura.

After drinking the Snow Lotus Wine, he was at the peak of the sixth rank.

There were three requirements for him to break into the seventh rank. He had already met the first requirement-an endless and continuous flow of True Energy to create a cycle in the body.

The night passed, and soon it was the dawn of the next day.

Aphrodite and Venus saw that James was cultivating and had the good sense to not bother him. They changed their clothes and prepared water for him to freshen up with. Then, they waited silently in the background for him to finish.

When the water turned cold, they changed it and continued waiting. It was slightly past eight in the morning when James finally stopped cultivating.

He withdrew his energy into his body and slowly landed on the floor.

One of the beautiful twins smiled brightly and walked over with a hot towel.

“Sir, here. Allow me to clean your face for you.”

She proceeded to attempt to wipe him off with the hot towel.

James took over the towel and curtly refused, “I can do it myself.”

He used the hot towel and casually wiped the perspiration off his face.

After he finished washing up, a toothbrush was handed to him.

Although James held a high position and authority, he had never been served by people before and was not used to the reverent treatment he received. A slight blush crept up his face as he refused once again. “I’ll do it, it’s fine. I can brush my own teeth.”

While this was happening, a conversation was playing taking place downstairs.

“Sir, we detected a large number of martial artists in the surroundings of the villa last night. They seemed to be looking for something.”

Lucjan was surprised and asked, “Oh? Have you investigated their identities?”

“Yeah, They’re people sent by Thea. Both she and Maxine arrived in Terentville yesterday. It seems that they’re looking for James.”


Lucjan rubbed his chin as he pondered.

Initially, Lucjan wanted to capture Thea and use her to threaten him. It was common knowledge that James was incredibly faithful to her. He willingly laid down his dignity as the commander of the Black Dragon Army and married into the Callahans of Cansington to repay Thea for saving him ten years ago.

Thea was definitely the key that would allow them to win James over.

He closed his eyes for a while and then gave his orders. “Capture Thea for me…No, wait. Invite her over. Ensure that you don’t mistreat her in any way and treat her as a VIP guest.”

“Sir, what are you trying to do?”

“Don’t ask questions. Just do as I say.”


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