The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1173

Chapter 1173
Lucjan approached Thea with a smile. He looked at her with a friendly expression and made a welcoming gesture, saying, “Thea, please come inside.”

Since she had decided to come, she was not afraid.She stepped right into the villa’s living room.

Thea looked at Lucjan and asked coldly, “What about James? Where is he?”

Lucjan snapped his fingers and ordered, “Serve the tea.”

Soon, the tea was served.However, Thea did not drink it.She knew the person in front of her was the deputy leader of the faction of the Gu Sect. He was also a member of the Owens, proficient in Gu venom. She suspected the tea had been poisoned with Gu venom. “I’m asking you, where is James?”

Lucjan replied, “The Dragon King has gone out to run some errands. He’s killed the Mount Thunder Sect’s leader and is now being hunted down by the sect. He was worried for your safety and ordered me to get some people to bring you here to protect you. After he finishes his business, he’ll be back.”

“Don’t try to fool me. Do you think I don’t know that you forced James to consume poison? You’re the one who forced James to do everything.”

Lucjan waved his hand and said, “That’s not right, Thea. I’ve already given James the antidote. Plus, he knew there would be no turning back if he killed the Mount Thunder Sect’s leader. He has fully joined our side.

“James knows he won’t be the Dragon King nor the Emperor if he returns. However, we have a way to let him join the political circle to run for King in next year’s election. He’ll be the King of Sol, ruling above tens of thousands of people, and you’ll be his queen, the mother of the country.”

Thea did not believe any of Lucjan’s nonsense.She firmly believed that James was forced to take action.

“Where’s James? I must see him now.”

“Alright, I’ll send someone to escort you there.”

Lucjan did not refuse and ordered, “Bring her to see James.”

“Understood.” His subordinates nodded.

Then, they led Thea and left.

Meanwhile, James had already arrived at the interception point on Mount Romsdalen, which was near the Mount Thunder Sect.

Mount Romsdalen was surrounded by mountains, and there was a straight valley between the mountain called Romsdalen Valley.

James sat on a rock in Romsdalen Valley and stuck the Blade of Justice into the thick snow.

Aphrodite and Venus stood behind him.It was snowing heavily, and everywhere around them was covered in white.

The falling snow would melt before touching James‘ body. Meanwhile, the twins’ hair was covered in snow.

Bryce stood quietly away from them and looked into the distance.

No one spoke, and the atmosphere was slightly tense.

Soon, a group of about thirty people consisting of both men and women appeared in front of them. The person in the lead was an old man in his sixties. He had long hair and was dressed in a white robe with the word “Medical” depicted on it.

Seeing the approaching group, Bryce stepped forward and stood in front of James, saying, “These are people from Medical Valley. The old man leading the group is the master of Medical Valley, nicknamed Medical Saint. He’s probably a fifth-rank grandmaster. Kill everyone from Medical Valley and leave no one behind. I believe you have the capabilities of doing so.”

Hearing this, James wore a grim expression.

Medical Valley?

He was unsure if Medical Valley was good or evil.He also did not know if they had received the secret news to cooperate with him in an act.

If they had not gotten the message, what would he do?

James thought about it for a while.

The people were traveling at a steady pace.

They were only a few hundred meters away and would be arriving soon.

The people of Medical Valley stopped when they saw people standing ahead of them.

A handsome young man beside the old man whispered, “Master, it’s James. I went to Cansington some time ago. Although I didn’t meet him, I had seen his photo.”

The other people from the group warned him, “Master, you have to be careful.”


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