The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1175

Chapter 1175
James ignored Bryce’s compliment.He sat back on the rock and stuck the Blade of Justice into the snow again without saying a word to him. “James, Medical Valley will not forgive you!”

A furious roar came from the distance.

James ignored the angry disciples of Medical Valley.

The disciples of Medical Valley carried their master away according to his will. They went past James, heading up to Mount Thunder Faction to wait for the conference so the martial community could uphold justice.

The group departed up the mountain.

Romsdalen Valley returned to silence once again.

Medical Valley’s disciples quickly left and disappeared from Romsdalen Valley.

After traveling a distance, a man dressed in a black winter coat appeared.

Seeing him, Medical Valleys‘ disciples raised their guards again.

They had just met James, so why was there another person blocking their path?

An elder from Medical Valley asked, “Who are you, and why are you blocking our path?”

The person slowly turned around, removed the hood attached to his clothes, and revealed his face.


The disciples backed away in fear as if they had seen a ghost.

“A-Aren’t you dead? How are you still alive?” The elder stared at the person ahead of them.It was none other than Jackson, leader of the Mount Thunder Sect.

Jackson walked over to Medical Valley’s disciples.

Suddenly, Medical Saint, who had been lying on the ground, got up, sat in a lotus position, and began to heal his injuries.

Jackson asked, “You alright?”

Medical Saint waved his hand and said weakly, “It’s nothing serious. I just got a little hurt. I’ll be fine after recuperating for a few days.”


The sudden turn of events completely dumbfounded the Medical Valley disciples.

At that moment, a disciple stepped back slightly as if wanting to leave secretly.

Jackson noticed this and quickly thrust his palm forward. An explosive force materialized and struck the disciple, killing him instantly.

The people of Medical Valley had not even taken in the situation when Jackson suddenly attacked one of their disciples. A man in his forties quickly drew his sword and said coldly, “What are you doing? Why did you kill my apprentice?”

Jackson replied calmly, “That person is a spy of the Gu Sect planted in Medical Valley.”

“Outrageous! That’s absolutely impossible! He’s been with me for ten years. How can he be a spy?”

“He looked flustered and wanted to escape to report this to the Gu Sect. What else could he be if not a spy? We can’t be careless since this is related to the Mount Thunder Conference. It’s a matter of life and death for all martial artists.”

Another elder from Medical Valley promptly inquired, “W-—What exactly is going on?”

Medical Saint, leader of the Medical Valley, finally parted his lips and explained, “I received news from the Mount Thunder Sect’s leader that James pretended to join the Gu Sect to save his friends. Since he wanted to find out what the Gu Sect is up to, Mr. Cabral has informed me to cooperate with James and put on an act.”

“So, the news from the Mount Thunder Sect previously was fake, and James did not kill Mr. Cabral?



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