The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1176

Chapter 1176
Jackson nodded and said, “However, I hadn’t shown up since, so James has already been stigmatized. Unfortunately, he has to endure the ridicule for now to eliminate the Gu Sect once and for all.”

Hearing this, the Medical Valley disciples immediately understood the situation.

Jackson asked, “Medical Saint, have you passed out the medicine to the others?

Medical Saint wore a serious expression and said, “I didn’t have much time and lacked contacts. However, I’ve passed it on to all the people I trust. As for those that didn’t have firm stands, I didn’t dare to give it to them as the Gu Sect’s moles must have already infiltrated them. I didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag.”

“Is the medicine reliable?”

“Mhm, of course. It’s a unique formula from Medical Valley. After taking it, one will see no signs of life and be no different from a dead person. No one will be able to find anything abnormal. I believe that James is a smart person and will understand that those who don’t fight back are the ones that have already gotten the message. Meanwhile, those who fight back have not received the message.”

Hearing this, Jackson sighed in relief.

Medical Saint continued, “There’s someone following James. I recognized his face. He was a traitor to the Sylvan Sect decades ago. His name is Bryce Quest. The Gu Sect still doesn’t trust James and has someone monitoring him.”

Jackson replied, “James should know what to do next. For the rest, we’ll have to trouble you with feigning death so that the Gu Sect will let their guards down. When the time comes, we’ll launch a counterattack and kill the remnants of the Gu Sect on Mt. Thunder.”

Medical Saint nodded and said, “It’s my duty and honor to do something for the people of this world.”

Jackson gestured in agreement and said, “That’s enough talk for now. Let’s head up the mountain.”

Medical Saint ordered, “There are moles from the Gu Sect in Mount Thunder Sect. Once we arrive there, continue as if nothing had happened, and don’t let the secret get out.”

“Understood!” The elders and disciples quickly nodded.

Medical Saint lay back on the floor, and several disciples approached to carry him again.

Jackson also quickly disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Meanwhile, James was still sitting on a rock, expressionless in Romsdalen Valley.

Standing aside, Bryce asked, “James, Medical Valley has a special status in the ancient martial world. All sects and families of the ancient martial world have received favor from them. There’s no turning back for you now. It’s the same offer. You should join us and become one of our main leaders. Once our supreme leader dies and Lucjan takes over his position, you’ll be the deputy leader.”

James knew that Gu Sect was not united.

There was still a supreme leader that was unknown.

However, James knew that Lucjan had great ambitions and was planning to cause chaos during the Mount Thunder Conference so that he could kill his faction’s supreme commander.

James knew this was his chance.

“Is there really no going back?” James murmured.

“Yeah, you can’t go back anymore. Not only will you be punished, but Thea will also be dragged down with you. You can protect yourself, but what about Thea and the Callahans? Once the Mount Thunder Conference is over, many people will come to you for revenge. If they can’t find you, they’ll vent their anger on Thea and the Callahans.

Bryce began to persuade James by explaining to him the pros of joining them. He had only one purpose-to win James over.

James replied softly, “I just want to live. I’ve done so much for Lucjan, and if he doesn’t give me the antidote, I will die.”

He did not agree immediately as it would arouse Lucjan’s suspicions and make it hard to earn his trust. Then, he would be unable to find out Lucjan’s real motives.

“Sigh. Why do you have to put yourself through the trouble?” said Bryce.

James asked calmly, “There aren’t many seventh-ranked grandmasters in Sol, but quite a decent number of them still exist.

Meanwhile, there are only two to three eighth-ranked grandmasters, as far as I know. What’s Lucjan’s rank? What gives him to confidence to overthrow his supreme commander? From what I know, the Gu Devil and countless powerhouses are standing by his side. Even my grandfather is helping the supreme commander.”

“Haha…” Bryce smiled and said, “You’re worried about this? Rest assured. Mr. Owen will tell you all about it after you complete the task. I believe you’ll make the right choice.”

None of them said anything more. James sat on the rock with his eyes closed and rested, waiting for the next group of martial artists to arrive.


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