The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1180

Chapter 1180
James did not believe Bryce’s nonsense.He stood aside and gestured for the Blithes to go on. “Go ahead.”

The people from the Blithes did not leave because Donovan did not move.

Donovan had doubts in his heart.He was unsure of James’ relationship with the old man that defeated him in Mount Littleroot.

“I have a question for you, James. What’s your relationship with the old man who defeated me in Mount Littleroot that day?”

James smiled lightly and avoided his question. “What’s wrong? You don’t want to leave? If that’s the case, how about we have a match?”

Suddenly raising his hand, the Blade of Justice shot up to the sky, and James accurately caught it. Whoosh!He drew the Blade of Justice out of its sheath.

“Forget it. You win.”

Donovan chose not to fight with James and left with the Blithes.

After leaving, an elder of the Blithes said, “Donovan, that young man killed the Mount Thunder’s leader. They’ve issued a wanted order for his head and will reward anyone who kills him with the Frost Sword. This is a good opportunity.”

Donovan said with a stern expression, “Killing him is no easy task. Jackson was the Mount Thunder Sect’s leader and was only one step away from entering the seventh rank. He’s even mastered Ice Sword Art but still lost to James. Do you think it’ll be easy to kill him?”

After speaking, Donovan took a deep breath.

“He’s too strong and has mastered countless martial arts. I’m afraid no one is a match for him. I may be if I completely master the Blithe Fist of Abomination. Unfortunately, I’m unable to execute the last move, Perfect Mayhem.”

“Indeed. You have better foresight. Alright, let’s go and check on the situation on Mt. Thunder,” said the elder.

The Blithes left, and James sat back on the rock.

Seeing that James refused to attack, Bryce was slightly displeased.

However, he could understand James’ concerns. After all, the Blithes were not an ordinary family. Their Grand Patriarch was powerful, and there would be an unexpected turn of events during the Mount Thunder Conference if he were to show up.

After that, countless ancient martial artists continuously appeared on Mount Romsdalen.

James attacked everyone that approached him.

After a few groups of people, James noticed that many people chose not to fight back, and he quickly caught on to this pattern.

For those who did not fight back, he pierced their bodies with his long sword but was careful not to damage their vital organs.

As for those who fought back, James did not deal them deadly blows but simply wounded them. At the end of the day, James had fought dozens of rounds but had not lost even a single battle. Meanwhile, Thea watched as James killed martial artists one after another, and her heart sank. She knew there was no going back for James.

He was no longer the person she knew. The current James was a devil that killed people without blinking an eye.

She felt repulsed by his behavior and turned around to leave.

At the same time, dozens of corpses were placed in the main hall of the Mount Thunder Sect. There were also some injured, sitting in a lotus position and healing their wounds.


“Does James really think he’s invincible?”

“We have to avenge our Sect Leader!”

“We must avenge our family head!”

Countless sects and families gathered furiously.

“Let’s unite and head down to kill James! Otherwise, all the martial artists coming to participate in the Mount Thunder Conference will be killed by him.”

James had aroused an outrage.


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