The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1182

Chapter 1182
However, James had predicted that these sects would discuss among themselves and unite to kill him after they arrived at the Mount Thunder Sect.

He looked at Bryce, standing beside him, and asked calmly, “I’ve already killed so many people. Can I go now? If we don’t leave, those martial artists who’ve arrived at the Mount Thunder Sect will unite and come down to kill us.”

Bryce smiled and said, “They’re just a rabble of weaklings, and it’s nothing to worry about. The real powerhouses like the Ancient Four haven’t shown up yet.”

Lujan’s purpose was to use James’ hands to weaken the various sects’ and families‘ strength and ruin James’ reputation, leaving him no choice but to rely on them.

Hearing this, James frowned.

Initially, he wanted to use this as an excuse to return and ask Lucjan for an antidote. However, his plan did not work.

Since that was the case, he decided to stay a few more days. He continued to wait.

Soon, another group of people appeared again in the distance.

There were about seven to eight people.

An old man was walking in the lead, followed by a beautiful woman. It was the Cadens.

The person in front was Tobias, and the woman behind him was Maxine.

Maxine noticed James from a distance.

It became apparent after Thea was taken away that the situation had gotten out of hand, and James had been forced to do things he should not have done.

Ultimately, she had no choice but to contact Tobias and meet up with him. Tobias also saw James.

Maxine whispered, “Grandpa. James has been forced to do these evil deeds and has become the public enemy of the righteous faction.”

Tobias nodded lightly. “There was no turning back the moment he killed Jackson.”

He strode over to James.

James also stood up and pulled out the Blade of Justice from the ground.

Bryce looked serious. He whispered, “James, the old guy there is the one that set fire to your family’s villa ten years ago. He burned down your whole family and left them to die. Now is the time for your revenge. He’s powerful and is probably the seventh rank. We might have a chance to kill him if we attack together.” Tobias was the head of the Cadens. Meanwhile, the Caden family was the leader of the Ancient Four.

His talent for martial arts was extraordinary.

No one knew exactly how strong he was, but a rough guess was that he was somewhere around the peak of the sixth rank or already the seventh rank.

Additionally, he practiced the Thirteen Heavenly Swords. He was definitely ranked top ten in the ancient martial world.


Tobias walked over and stopped about ten meters away from James. He clasped his hands behind his back and looked at James with disappointment.

“I never expected you to go down this path. Are you going to block my way and kill me in Romsdalen Valley?

Maxine followed after him and looked at James. Then, she looked at Bryce, who was standing beside him. Finally, her eyes landed on Aphrodite and Venus.

“Tobias, you set fire to my family’s villa and killed my family ten years ago. We’ll settle this feud once and for all today!” James drew the Blade of Justice and pointed it at Tobias. At the same time, an intense energy erupted from his body and spread throughout their surroundings.

The snow in the air looked as if they were suspended mid-air.


Maxine tugged on Tobias’ sleeve and whispered, “I know James very well. He isn’t like this. I’m sure he has his reasons. You shouldn’t go all out on him. Just exchanging a few moves will be enough.”

“Maxine, until now, do you still want to speak for James?” Tobias‘ face darkened.

His wrinkled face was full of anger. It was evident that he had murderous intentions.

“Kill James!”

“Kill James!”

A deafening chant sounded in the distance.

James heard the sound and turned to the direction of its source. Hundreds of martial artists were coming toward him, every one of them full of anger.


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