The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1183

Chapter 1183
Hundreds of people came forward with a formidable aura.

Their imposing manner alone was enough to frighten some of the Cadens. “James, you killed our Valley Master! Medical Valley will not forgive you!”

“James, Paragon Martial Arts School declares you our enemy!”

“The Heaven and Earth Sect vows to kill you!”

All sorts of declarations resounded loudly.

Seeing so many people, Maxine frowned and murmured, “How many people did James kill?”

James looked at the people approaching from the distance with a serious expression.

If they did not leave, an intense battle was bound to break out, and this was not what he wanted to happen.

He glanced at Bryce and whispered, “Do you still have the confidence to kill all these people now?” Bryce wore a hesitant expression, which was rare for him.

This was the best chance to kill Tobias. He never expected the martial artists who had reached the Mount Thunder Sect to return so quickly. Although they were weaklings, there were too many of them, and it would be hard for the two of them to kill all of them.

Even if they succeeded in killing all of them, they would suffer severe injuries and could even die.

“Let’s go.” Bryce thought for a while, looked at James, and said, “We’ll go separate ways and meet up at the villa.” James nodded.

“Do you think I’m going to let you leave?”

Tobias noticed that James and Bryce were planning to retreat and quickly unsheathed his long sword from his back. He leaped ten meters into the air and pointed his sword downward at James, shouting coldly, “James, you b*stard. I’ll get rid of you today.”

Seeing this, Bryce’s expression was grim.

James knew that Tobias was powerful and much more potent than him. He would not stand a chance against Tobias.

Moreover, he was unsure of whether Jackson had notified Tobias about his plan.

Tobias was the head of the Cadens, who was part of the Ancient Four.

The Ancient Four were neither on the King’s nor the Gu Sect’s side. They stood in the middle ground and stayed out of political affairs.

The furious rabble quickly descended the mountain.

Soon, they were only tens of meters away from James. Whoosh!

Hundreds of people drew their swords.

Delainey, the young lady of the Mount Thunder Sect, stepped forward and looked at the mighty Tobias floating in the air with his long sword. She clasped her hands together with a pleading look on her pretty face and shouted, “Mr. Thomas, James has killed the Mount Thunder Sect’s leader! He has also killed countless Sect Leaders and family heads! I beg you to take action and kill him! Get rid of this b*stard for the ancient martial world!”

“Haha…” James laughed out loud. “That depends on whether he has the ability to do so!”

James was unsure of whether Jackson had notified Tobias. If he did, then he had to put on an act. Tobias would deliberately lose to him and pretend to be dead if he were alerted so that the Gu Sect people would let their guards down. They would deal a fatal blow to the Gu Sect after that. However, if Tobias was unaware of the plan, James knew he would not win.

Even though James was inferior, Tobias could not stop him from escaping.

James leaped twenty meters into the air and met face-to-face with Tobias.

He performed Heavenly Breath, and his True Energy permeated his whole body, causing a terrifying force to erupt from his body.

The Blade of Justice also glowed brighter in his hands, shining with a dazzling golden ray.

“He has such strong energy!”

Many onlookers were shocked by his potent energy.

The martial artists nearby quickly stepped back.

If the two powerhouses went against each other, the waves created by their energy would be extremely dangerous. They could get hit by the strong force wave if they were not careful.


Tobias‘ face darkened as he said coldly, “I had great expectations for you and wanted to train you as the heir of our family.

However, you have disappointed me greatly. Today, I will personally execute you!”

James said coldly, “Shut up. My family was expelled from the Cadens thirty years ago! I’m no longer part of the Cadens! You set fire to my family’s villa and killed them! We’ll settle all accounts from ten years ago today!”

“Haha…good! Very well! I want to see how many swords of the Thirteen Heavenly Swords you can unleash!” Tobias laughed and suddenly attacked.

He took a step forward and slightly tilted his sword.

A burst of materialized Sword Energy shot out.

It was like a laser beam, shooting forward like lightning. It appeared in front of James almost instantly, aiming directly for James’ vitals.

James quickly dodged the blast.

The Sword Energy struck a cliff in the distance.


The Sword Energy crashed into a thick layer, causing ice blocks to fall.

“Such strong Sword Energy!”


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