The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184
“Even from tens of meters away, the Sword Energy’s force is powerful enough to hurt people. It’s indeed the best sword technique in the world. Learning such a technique would render one invincible! No one could get close!”

The martial artists looked in awe at Tobias‘ strength while they retreated.

Tobias launched another burst of Sword Energy while descending, slashing his sword at James.

James raised his sword to block the attack.


The two swords collided, causing a dull, loud noise.

Their energies clashed and caused a massive shock wave to sweep their surroundings. It hit the ice on both sides of the cliff, and ice blocks began tumbling down the mountain.

Consequently, a deafening rumble resounded, landslides ensued, and the grounds cracked as if there was an earthquake.

James could feel the terrifying opposing energy coming through the Blade of Justice. A warmth surged through his throat, and he spat a mouthful of blood.

“He’s too strong!”

James‘ blood ran cold. He knew that Tobias was strong but did not expect his power to be so overwhelming.He had consumed the Snow Lotus Wine some time ago, and his strength had improved significantly.

Yet, he still felt inferior fighting against Tobias.

Meanwhile, Tobias was also surprised by James.He never expected James to be able to block his attacks.He knew the strength of his attack.

Those under the seventh rank were not capable of defending it. However, James had forcibly endured it and was merely hurt to the point of vomiting blood.

Tobias roared, “Impressive. Let’s see if you can take a few more of my attacks!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he launched another attack.He took full advantage of the Thirteen Heavenly Swords’ strength.His sword flashed, and his figure flicked.

James was forced to go on defense.

Unfortunately, Tobias‘ attacks were too fast. Although they both had the same sword technique, Tobias executed it much faster than him. James was forced to take many steps back. He even sustained a few injuries.

“Such fast swordsmanship!”

“This must be the legendary Thirteen Heavenly Swords!”

“Wrong. That was only the First Sword Realm. According to my understanding, the Thirteen Heavenly

Swords have two sword realms. The Second Sword Realm is the true form of the Thirteen Heavenly Swords.”

The martial artists watched the battle in the distance.

Everyone was shocked by Tobias‘ swordsmanship.He moved as fast as lightning.


Another collision of swords happened.

James held up his Blade of Justice to block the attack.

Tobias slashed down from above and pressed his sword against the Blade of Justice.

James‘ body was forced downward by the intense force. He kept falling to the ground.

Ultimately, he was crushed into the ground, and his body was buried in the thick snow. “Did he lose?”

The onlookers watched as everything unfolded.

Under countless gazes, James struggled to get up from the ground. He reached out his hand and wiped the blood from the corner of his lips. He looked at Tobias who was floating in the sky. His expression turned grim.

‘Did Tobias receive the message from Jackson or not?‘ James was slightly uncertain.

It was evident Tobias‘ attacks were fatal and were intended to kill him.

He activated Heavenly Breath, and True Energy flowed throughout his body, spreading to his limbs and bones.

Suddenly, his skin transformed, and he became bronze.

Seeing this, Donovan’s expression immediately changed.

He was defeated by this technique back in Mount Littleroot. Seeing it again, his heart palpitated.

“What kind of martial art skill is that?”

“How… How does James know this martial art technique? What’s his relationship with the old man that appeared in Mount Littleroot some time ago?”

The other martial artists were also puzzled.

James used Invincible Body Siddhi and maxed out his defensive power. He leaped twenty meters into the air and looked at Tobias, pointing his sword horizontally at him.

“Make a move, Old man.”


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