The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1187

Chapter 1187
Although James’ Invincible Body Siddhi was not deactivated by Tobias’ Thirteen Heavenly Swords, the impact of Tobias’ attacks was still terrifyingly powerful. With all twelve Sword Energies attacking simultaneously, the blows were overwhelming and caused James severe internal injuries.

As soon as he returned to the room, he could not endure it anymore and fell headlong to the floor.

With much difficulty, he sat up in a lotus position on the floor and began performing the healing cultivation method from the medical books to heal his injuries.

Although Lucjan gave him a healing elixir, James did not trust him. Compared to the healing elixir, James trusted the medical books more. He started to recuperate.

Meanwhile, in the downstairs living room, Bryce was telling Lucjan the events that happened in Romsdalen Valley. He did not conceal or miss out on any details.

After listening to it, Lucjan was over the moon and smiled.

It did not matter whether the others died or not. The most important thing was that Tobias was dead. Lucjan was in seventh heaven.

Tobias was the head of the Cadens, a seventh-ranked grandmaster that practiced the peerless sword technique, the Thirteen Heavenly Swords. He could be ranked top ten in the ancient martial world. Now that he was dead, Lucjan had one less formidable foe.

Bryce said, “Sir, James can’t turn back anymore and has become the greatest enemy of the martial community. You’re the only person that can protect him right now. He has no choice but to follow you.”

Lucjan nodded and said, “Mhm. That’s true. It all depends on what this kid thinks now. If he follows me, I won’t mistreat him. However, I won’t force him if he doesn’t want to join me.”

“Sir, what should we do now?”

“We wait patiently for a few more days until the Mount Thunder Conference.” Lucjan was not in a rush.

He knew the Supreme Commander’s motives.

Over the years, the Supreme Commander had been in closed-door meditation.

However, he would surely appear during the Mount Thunder Conference.

This was his chance.

It was also his only chance.

If he missed the opportunity, he would never come across another chance to overthrow the Supreme Commander.

“Understood.” Bryce nodded.

“Go and rest.” Lucjan waved his hand.


Bryce turned and left.

Meanwhile, James was healing his wounds in the room.He was severely injured this time.

After staying in the room for three days, the injuries were slightly better. However, it would take much longer for him to fully recover.

While healing his wounds during the past few days, no one had disturbed him.

After James felt that he had recovered and could move, he stood up and walked out of the room.

“James,” A feathery voice called out for him as soon as he walked out of the door.

James looked at Aphrodite and Venus standing outside the room and nodded in response to them.

“James, Mr. Owen has asked you to meet him downstairs to discuss something important after you’ve finished recuperating.”

“Mhm.” James nodded, turned around, and descended the stairs.He overheard Lucjan’s laughter when he reached the first-floor living room.

James looked over and saw that many people were sitting with Lucjan. Eleven men, about fifty to sixty years old, and one woman.

Although the men looked old, the woman looked much younger and was probably about thirty years old. She was beautiful and wore a thin dress, radiating a s*xy aura.

“James, you’ve finished recuperating?”

Lucjan noticed that James had come down and stood up immediately. He walked over and introduced the guests. “Let me introduce you. These are the Twelve Zodiacs and are well-known powerhouses of the ancient martial world. Their Twelve Zodiac Formation is a peerless martial art technique.”

‘The Twelve Zodiacs?”


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