The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1188

Chapter 1188
James was slightly taken aback.

Who were these people?

The Twelve Zodiacs also had their eyes on James.

Lucjan introduced again, “This is the infamous James, who has recently become viral worldwide. He’s the one that killed one of the Ancient

Family’s heads, Tobias Caden. Although he’s young, he’s already an incredibly strong grandmaster. Give him a few more decades, and he’ll surely become the number one martial artist in the world.”

“I see. It’s James. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Who hasn’t heard of the Dragon King?”

The Twelve Zodiacs stood up and greeted James one after another.

James also nodded in response.

Then, he walked over and sat down.

He looked at Lucjan, who was sitting down, and asked, ‘The twins told me you’ve got something to discuss with me.”

Lucjan looked at James and asked, “How are your injuries, James?”

James replied softly, ‘They’re temporarily under control, but it’ll take some time for me to completely recover.”

Lucjan wore a serious expression, which was rare, and he asked, “I called you to discuss the upcoming Mount Thunder Conference.”

James’ curiosity was piqued. He looked at Lucjan and asked, “What about the Mount Thunder Conference?”

Lucjan looked at all the people present and said, “Everyone here is people I trust. You guys must know that there’s a Supreme Commander in the Gu Sect.”

James nodded and said, “Mhm. I’ve heard of him, but who exactly is this Supreme Leader?”

Lucjan explained, ‘The Supreme Leader is Callan, the head of the Mavericks and leader of the three Gu Sect families a hundred years ago.”

Hearing this, James took a deep breath. He had heard of Callan before.

A hundred years ago, Callan was in his forties and was already a seventh- ranked grandmaster.

Since a hundred years had passed, he must have already entered the eighth rank.

James could not help asking, “If he’s still alive, has he already entered the eighth rank?”

“Of course. He reached the eighth rank fifty years ago. However, I’ve no clue how strong he is right now. I know he’s been in Closed-door meditation for a few decades. He rarely showed himself outside. I also know that he practices Decimation of Immortality, but I’m unsure how strong this technique is.”

Lucjan had a grim expression. He was slightly jealous of Callan.

“I plan to kill Callan and completely take over the Gu Sect.” Lucjan looked at James and the Twelve Zodiacs present in the living room.

James replied indifferently, “You said he entered the eighth rank fifty years ago, so how do you plan to kill him? Is it possible that you’ve also entered the eighth rank?”

James looked at Lucjan suspiciously.

Until now, he had not figured out Lucjan’s true strength.

“Ha!” Lucjan laughed and said, “You guys won’t need to do anything. I’ve got a solution of my own.”

James asked again, “What exactly is Callan trying to achieve during the Mount Thunder Conference?”

Lucjan looked at James and said, “You shouldn’t be asking what Callan is trying to achieve. Everything was planned by your grandfather, Thomas. Since the Great Grandmaster died in the battle a hundred years ago, the ancient martial world was left without a leader, and it’s been a mess.

Thomas wants to unify the ancient martial artists, and naturally, he’s aiming for the position of the Great Grandmaster. This time, Callan will surely show up at the Mount Thunder Conference. As long as he shows up, it’ll be the death of him.”

James stood up, stretched his body, and said, “I’m still injured and weak. I don’t want to die with you. I’m returning to Cansington and will live in seclusion with Thea.”

Lucjan said calmly, “I’m afraid that won’t be up to you, James. Do you think you can stay out of this matter now? Your grandfather is next to the Supreme Leader, and you’ve killed countless members of the martial community. The Mount Thunder Conference is going to be a mess. If your grandfather wins, everything will be fine. However, if he loses, the martial community will hunt you down.”

James paused and asked, “Where’s my grandfather?”

Lucjan shook his head and said, “I don’t know, but he must be around the Mount Thunder Sect since the conference is about to start.”

“Haha, are you talking about me?”

A hearty laugh sounded.

Hearing the sound, everyone in the villa shivered and stood up abruptly.


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