The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1189

Chapter 1189
After the laughter sounded, the villa door was pushed open, and an old man walked into the villa.

The old man had neat, short white hair and was dressed in a martial art robe. Despite his old appearance, he looked to be full of energy.


James was excited upon seeing the old man. He subconsciously walked over and stared at the approaching old man with joy. He knew his grandfather was not dead.

However, he could not find out his grandpa’s whereabouts.He finally met up with his grandfather.

‘You’ve done well.”

Thomas stretched out his hand and tapped James’ shoulder, saying with a smile, “Not bad. You’ve become so strong in such a short time. You’ve almost reached the seventh rank and even killed that old man, Tobias.” Thomas complimented James.

James had plenty of questions in his heart.

What happened thirty years ago?

Was his family really burned to death ten years ago?

Why did his grandfather have to stay hidden for ten years?

What was the reason he faked his death not too long ago? Who was he trying to confuse?


Thomas waved his hand and interrupted James, saying, “I know you have many questions. You don’t have to ask them now. You’ll naturally understand in the future.”

Lucjan looked at Thomas with a smile and said, “Thomas, you’re finally here. I’ve been waiting for a long time. Quick, have a seat.”

Thomas walked over and sat down.

James also sat down with them.

The Twelve Zodiacs did not dare to sit but instead stood aside.

Lucjan sat down and asked, “Thomas, how are things progressing? Has Callan departed yet?”

Thomas nodded and said, “Mhm, he’s already on the way.”

“How strong is he right now?” asked Lucjan.

Thomas shrugged and said, “How would I know? I’ve never fought against him. However, he probably hasn’t reached the ninth rank. Since ancient times, no one has ever entered the ninth rank. Even if Callan is a martial art genius, it’s impossible for him to enter the ninth rank in just a few decades. We can kill him as long as he hasn’t reached the ninth rank.”

Hearing this, Lucjan was relieved.

“Don’t worry. As soon as Callan dies, we’ll be on the same boat and will work together to formulate future plans.”

James was puzzled.His grandfather was supposed to be cooperating with Callan.

Why was he getting involved with Lucjan too?

What was he trying to do?

James looked at Thomas with confusion. “Grandpa, you…”

“Come outside with me, James.”

Thomas did not linger and quickly turned, walking out of the villa.

James followed closely behind him.

James looked at the old man standing in the snow outside the villa.

This person was his grandfather, who taught him everything he had known since childhood.

However, the person standing before him felt completely different from the grandfather of his memories.

“What do you want to ask?” Thomas looked at James.

James asked, “What happened to our family thirty years ago?”

Thomas said, “Didn’t Thea already explain things to you? I was cultivating and got ambushed. My True Energy flew backward and rushed to my brain, causing me to suffer an Energy Deviation and go berserk. I killed many members of the Cadens, and the Great Grandmaster abolished my cultivation, expelling me from the Cadens.”

“Who attacked you?”

“I don’t know.”

“Was it Tobias?”

“Probably not.” Thomas shook his head lightly. Although he was unsure of the ambusher’s identity, he could tell it was not Tobias but someone else from the Cadens.

“It wasn’t Tobias?” James was puzzled.

“Maybe it’s someone from the collateral lineage of the Cadens. As the leader of the Ancient Four, the people you see in the Cadens are from a direct lineage. However, the family has many other collateral lineages with many powerhouses from them.

“What about ten years ago? You must have recovered your cultivation ten years ago. Why did you watch our family die in the inferno?”


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