The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1190

Chapter 1190
“Of course, I didn’t. How could some ordinary people burn our family to death?” Thomas smiled lightly.

“Then, where are our family members?”

‘They’re overseas. You’ll see them soon.”

“So, my father isn’t dead?”

“Of course. How could a commoner like Rowena have the ability to turn our family upside down?”

Hearing this, James was relieved.

“Grandpa, why do you involve yourself with the people from the Gu Sect? What exactly are you trying to do?”

‘You don’t need to know.” Thomas waved his hand.

He took out a small bottle and handed it to James, saying, “There are two pills inside. One is red and can help you break through the Summit. The blue one can help you break through the Ultimate Spiritual Gate. Consume them both and meditate in seclusion. Strive to enter the seventh rank before the Mount Thunder Conference begins.”

“This?” James was shocked.

These were elixirs that could help him break into the seventh rank?

From his understanding, breaking through the last two requirements was challenging. If lucky, one could break through in a few years. Otherwise, one might not even break through after decades.

“Do what you need to, and don’t worry too much.” Thomas left behind a sentence and turned to leave.

Soon after, he disappeared from James’ sight.

James looked at his grandfather’s parting figure. Then, he inspected the small bottle in his hand, and his expression turned serious.

It was getting harder to understand his grandfather.

James was unsure of what kind of person he was and his ultimate purpose.

After some time, James took a deep breath.

Since his grandfather did not explain things, he did not think much about it.

At least for now, he was sure that his grandfather would not harm him.

He turned around and walked back into the villa with the elixirs.

Inside the villa, the others were still gathered.

As soon as he entered the room, Lucjan asked, “James, what did your grandfather tell you?”

James replied calmly, “It’s nothing. By the way, when have you started working with my grandfather? He had reached a cooperation agreement with Callan and was helping him strategize plans. What kind of agreement did he reach with you?”

James was curious about what good offer Lucjan offered Thomas for him to betray Callan.

“Ha!” Lucjan chuckled lightly.

Thomas had reminded him not to tell James anything about him.

Lucjan did not reply to James’ question but changed the subject. “James, there are still a few more days before the Mount Thunder Conference. You can recuperate peacefully. I’ll call you again when the time comes.”

Since Lucjan refused to say anything more, James stopped asking questions. He turned around and went upstairs.

Thomas had given him two elixirs, so he had to make use of his time to cultivate and break through the seventh rank as soon as possible.

When he returned to the room, he locked the door and took out the elixirs.

First, he took out the red pill.

The elixir was relatively small and was only the size of a grape. It was completely red and had residual warmth.

James was unsure of what kind of elixir it was but knew that it had to be priceless and that his grandfather must have spent a lot of time refining it.

After inspecting it for a while, James opened his mouth and swallowed the elixir.

Immediately, he felt a warm current spreading from his throat to his whole body, sinking into his limbs.

At that moment, his body floated uncontrollably as if he was about to ascend to the sky.

“What a miraculous elixir!”

James was surprised by the effects.He immediately concentrated on performing Heavenly Breath and absorbed the elixir’s energy.

At that moment, his True Energy increased rapidly.

James’ potent True Energy rushed from his elixir field to his head.

His mind became clear, and he felt the Spiritual Gate at the top of his head opening up. The True Energy in his body gathered in his head, and a few invisible True Energy Flowers bloomed.

“Is this what it means to cross into the Summit? Is this what it’s like to completely regulate the Three Treasures and Five Spirits of the human body?”


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