The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1191

Chapter 1191
After consuming the elixir, James’ True Energy was greatly boosted. It immediately broke through the Spiritual Gate on his head and crossed into the Summit.

Three flowers bloomed on the Summit. The Three Shapeless Flowers were formed using the power of True Energy, Blood Energy, and Spiritual Power. At that moment, all of James’ True Energy, Blood Energy, and Spiritual Power were greatly boosted.

He had reached an inconceivable realm.

As far as James knew, if he reached this realm before the age of a hundred, his aging process would come to a halt within the next few decades. He took a deep breath.

“How unbelievable.”

His energy subsided, and the Shapeless Flowers on his head disappeared.

James did not consume the other elixir immediately. As his True Energy was still unstable, he had to stabilize it and his realm.

On the first floor of the villa…

Lucjan Owen and the Twelve Zodiacs looked in the direction of the second floor.

“What a powerful aura.”

The Twelve Zodiacs were shocked.

Lucjan momentarily froze before saying smilingly, “He’s already crossed into the Summit. Only a final Spiritual Gate remains in his way for him to make a breakthrough into the seventh rank. To think he

could accomplish this before reaching the age of thirty… He’s much stronger than Callan was a century ago.”

At that moment, Lucjan breathed a sigh of relief. He was relieved that he courted James over to his side and that Thomas had been in a state of cooperation with the Gu Sect all this while. Otherwise, James would prove to be the biggest obstacle in his way.

James did not know that the others downstairs had noticed him making a breakthrough. In any case, he could not care less either.

He began stabilizing True Energy.

After a day, his True Energy had completely stabilized.

Then, he took out the little bottle his grandfather had given him. There were still two elixirs inside. Apart from the blue elixir his grandfather had told him about, there was another white one inside.

He knew that his grandfather must have known he had made a breakthrough into the sixth rank. That was why he went to great lengths to obtain the three elixirs that could help him break through the final three Spiritual Gates and reach the seventh rank.

As he had no more use for the white elixir, he carefully stored it away.

Then, he took the blue elixir out.

However, he did not consume it immediately.

That was because he had yet to sense the location of his Spiritual Gate.

When he was conversing with the elderly of the Mount Thunder Sect on the summit of Mount Thunder, they told him that the

Spiritual Gate of each martial artist varied. They suggested that he sit in a lotus position and concentrate.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not sense the location of the final Spiritual Gate.

“Could it be that I’m still lacking True Energy? Can I only sense it after consuming this elixir?” James murmured.

After a brief hesitation, he swallowed the elixir. The moment he consumed it, he could feel a ball of flames gushing throughout his entire body from his throat. The excruciating pain contorted his face, and he could not help but cry out in pain.

“What power!”

He was stunned.He could not imagine how his grandfather had refined such a powerful elixir. After all, despite being proficient in the art of medicine, he himself could not do so no matter how hard he tried.

He took a deep breath and calmed himself down. Then, he began absorbing the heat inside his body and converted them into True Energy.

His aura burst forth.

In the foyer downstairs…

Lucjan and the Twelve Zodiacs were stunned.

“Wh-What a terrifying aura!”

“Is he going to break through the final Spiritual Gate?” “This is impressive! If he succeeds, he’ll be the youngest seventh-rank martial artist that we’ve had in centuries.”


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