The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192
“He would go down in history as the youngest individual to reach the seventh rank.”

They were stunned by the aura coming from above, which was so powerful that everyone inside the villa could sense it.

“Retreat!” Lucjan ordered. “The villa can no longer withstand his aura. The building is about to collapse.”

Then, everyone inside the villa hurriedly retreated to an empty plot of land a few hundred meters away.

James’ True Energy exploded.

In a short amount of time, he had gained a cultivation base that would take others a decade to achieve.

True Energy entered his limbs and nourished his flesh.

At that moment, James could feel a vortex that was absorbing his True Energy at an alarming rate at the sole of his feet.

“I-is this the final Spiritual Gate of my body?” James froze.

Although he knew that a final Spiritual Gate existed, he was still nonetheless shocked upon sensing it himself.

“Break through!”

James cried out while catalyzing True Energy. Like a tidal wave, his True Energy flowed throughout his meridians to the sole of his feet.

The vortex was broken through.


At that moment, the sound of an explosion came from inside James’ body. Then, powerful energy leaked.


The building, which could no longer withstand his powerful aura, collapse into a pile of rubble.

James was sitting in the pile of rubble in a lotus position. The moment he broke through the Spiritual Gate, he entered a bizarre state. The image of the sword moves of the Thirteen Heavenly Swords appeared in his mind.


After some time, the pile of rubble shook, and a figure came soaring through the sky.

“Come, sword!”

Standing in mid-air, James reached out, and a sword soared through the sky. James grabbed the Blade of Justice and performed

the Thirteen Heavenly Swords.

At that moment, the True Energy inside his body was so potent that he could feel his body was about to explode. He needed to let off steam.


Powerful Sword Energy burst forward.

At that moment, thirteen Sword Energies danced in rhythm with the movement of the Blade of Justice. Their terrifying aura could be felt from a distance away.


A few hundred meters away, Lucjan, the Twelve Zodiacs, Bryce, and some of Lucjan’s men were dumbfounded.

“Isn’t that the Thirteen Heavenly Swords?”

“Who would dare approach him with the Sword Energies shielding him?”

They were all stunned by the sword technique James was performing.


James slightly inclined the sword, and the thirteen Sword Energies swept across the landscape with unrelenting fury.


The earth rumbled.

Standing in mid-air, James was stunned upon seeing the destruction caused by the Sword Energies.

Though he had only begun cultivating the Thirteen Heavenly Swords, he entered a state of True Insight and learned everything there was to know about the Thirteen Heavenly Swords the moment he broke through the final Spiritual Gate.

Besides, after reaching the seventh rank, his True Energy had been greatly boosted, which formed the thirteen Sword Energies with ease.

James took a deep breath.

“I have reached the seventh rank. With my empowered Thirteen Heavenly Swords, I’m invincible against everyone in this world except for the eighth ranked martial artists.”

James had a confident smile on his face.


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