The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1195

Chapter 1195
Maxine looked at Thea, who had confronted James. She did not know what James was up to. She thought James would never cross the line. However, judging by how many people

James killed, he could not simply be looking for a way to infiltrate the Gu Sect. He had to be forced to.

James had changed.

Thea initially came to look for him to discuss what to do.

However, now, she had no other choice but to kill him.

James was too powerful. No ordinary person could kill him. Only Thea stood a chance.

Standing in the snow, Maxine looked at the two below. Though she was composed on the outside, she was feeling extremely nervous inside. She did not know if Thea would truly deal the death blow. However, she was sure that James would never harm Thea.

Maxine wished that the opposite were true. She wished that it had been Thea who would not bear to harm James and that James would be the one to kill Thea.

She did not show herself. Instead, she stood by the stairs outside the Mount Thunder Sect and watched the two.

“James, are you now incapable of even removing your mask? There’s no need to hide behind a mask. Be a man and confess your sins,” Thea said coldly.

James removed his mask and revealed his true identity. Looking at Thea, he asked, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I should be the one asking you that.”

Saying that, Thea made a move.

In the blink of an eye, she appeared before James and pierced through his body with a sword.

James could have dodged. With Thea’s current strength, there was no way she could harm him.

However, he chose not to dodge.

Taking a few steps back, blood gushed out from his body.


Seeing that James was bleeding profusely, Thea panicked. Her face paled, and she hurriedly took a few steps back.

James then collapsed to the ground.

Blood oozed out from his injury and reddened the snow.

“Wh-Why didn’t you dodge?” Looking at James who was kneeling on the ground and covering his injury, Thea stammered.

James catalyzed Heavenly Breath and used True Energy to block the flow of blood. Then, he gently tapped the acupuncture points near his injury.

Then, he sat on the snow. Looking at the alarmed Thea, James said coldly, “You saved me ten years ago. Now that you’ve pierced me with your sword, I no longer owe you anything. From today onward, we will be strangers.”

Saying that, James stood up and dragged his body up the mountain.He knew of the danger and the dire consequences should he slip up. He was also unsure of the success rate.

However, he did not wish to get Thea and the Callahans involved. By disassociating himself from Thea, he would be protecting her.

Some distance away…

Lucjan and the others were looking at James, who was slowly dragging his body up the mountain. A smile crept up on Lucjan’s face. James had no way out now. He was now a part of them.

“James…” Thea cried out.

Then, she burst into tears.

Though James heard her cries, he did not turn back.

Maxine was witnessing the spectacle silently at the summit.She was slightly disappointed.She thought that Thea would deal the death blow after James had massacred so many people.

However, she was wrong.


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