The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1196

Chapter 1196
Looking at James’ retreating figure, Thea burst into tears.

“Why, James? Why…”

At that moment, she had nothing else to live for.She stood by the roadside and cried. Then, without the slightest bit of hesitation, she leaped off the cliff.

The roadside was constructed around the cliff. On one side was a steep slope, and on the other was an abyss.

Although James had his back on Thea, his sensory skills were greatly boosted after reaching the seventh rank. He knew what was happening even without turning his head.

The moment Thea leaped off the cliff, he immediately sensed it.

‘That idiot,” He cursed silently. Then, in an instant, he leaped into the air and off the towering cliffs.

Although he was a seventh-rank martial artist, he could not control his True Energy as he pleased because he was injured. As such, he could not fully control the speed of his fall.

However, upon seeing the falling Thea, he could not care less about his injuries. He catalyzed True Energy and accelerated. In an instant, he descended a few meters and appeared before Thea before taking her in his arms.

If he was alone, he would have the strength to fly back up.

However, now that he was carrying a person in his arms, along with his injuries, he could no longer jump back up.

As they fell, James’ back smashed against the wall of the cliff.

The searing pain almost made him lose consciousness.

James took a deep breath. He did not panic.

He swiftly catalyzed True Energy and used it to slow down the fall. Just before they were about to hit the ground, the Blade of Justice in his hand exuded powerful Sword Energy, which struck the surface of the ground. With that, they landed steadily.

The moment they landed, James could no longer withstand the pain and immediately collapsed to the ground.

Meanwhile, Thea’s face paled.

Her mind turned blank the moment she leaped off the cliff. She did not even notice James holding her in his arms. Only after they landed did she slowly recollect herself.

Upon seeing James, whose blood was oozing out of his chest, she immediately crouched down. “James! James…”

She tried to help James up.

“Don’t touch me.”

James’ face paled, and he said weakly, “If you move me, I won’t be able to control my injuries. I will die if I lose too much blood.”

Hearing this, Thea stopped.

Her eyes brimmed with tears, and she apologized profusely, “James… Darling, I’m sorry. I didn’t want to do this. But, I have no other choice.

Maxine told me that we can’t allow you to run berserk and that I’m the only one who can stop you. That’s why…”

James got up with great difficulty and sat in a lotus position on the ground.

He began catalyzing the healing cultivation method recorded in the medical books. Thankfully, he had potent True Energy after

reaching the seventh rank. Otherwise, he would not have been able to save Thea while suffering an injury.

As he treated his injury, he looked at Thea and asked, “Are you saying that Maxine asked you to kill me?”

“Maxine said that as you possess tremendous strength, only I can defeat you. I was prepared to end my own life after killing you.” Saying that, Thea hung her head in shame.

James furrowed his eyebrows.

“What is Maxine up to?”


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