The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1197

Chapter 1197
‘Why is Maxine trying to kill me?’

James was puzzled.He believed that this was unusual of her.

Maxine was an intelligent woman and would tackle a problem from all aspects. If even Maxine believed that he had turned evil, that meant he had successfully fooled the world.

However, he dismissed those thoughts. Maxine must be up to something. However, he could not figure her out at the moment.

“D-Darling, please tell me that everything I saw was just a pretense. There must be more to things, right?” Thea looked at James pleadingly.

“It’s a long story.”

Since they were alone, James told Thea the whole truth.

“After arriving at the Mount Thunder Sect, Lucjan ordered me to assassinate Jackson Cabral, Sect Leader of the Mount Thunder Sect. I had no choice. However, I didn’t actually kill him for real. As I knew that the Mount Thunder Sect was filled with spies from the Gu Sect, I offered to cooperate with Jackson after defeating him.”

James narrated the chain of events that unfolded.

Upon hearing this, Thea was delighted.

She knew that James was a good guy.

“I’m sorry for wronging you…”

“Sigh… Thanks to you, my plan is ruined.” James sighed deeply. Then, he began treating his injuries.

After his organs were pierced by Thea’s sword, his life was now hanging by a thread. He would have been dead if he had not reached the seventh rank. His injuries were also aggravated after leaping off the cliff to save Thea. Now, he required medical attention. Otherwise, he would be in mortal danger.

Outside the Mount Thunder Sect…

Lucjan and the others froze upon witnessing James leaping off the cliff.

Lucjan cursed, “What the hell? Did he just sacrifice his life for a woman? What a piece of trash!”

He was exasperated.

“His body was already pierced by a sword. Now that he’s leaped off the towering cliffs, there’s no way he’s still alive.”

“Exactly! Even for a seventh-rank martial artist, it would be impossible.”

The Twelve Zodiacs conversed in whispers.

Looking at the chasm, Lucjan ordered, “Bryce, go and have a look.”


Bryce nodded and walked over to the edge of the cliff. Then, he looked down. It was covered with mist, and he could not see the bottom.

However, as he was a peak sixth-rank martial artist, it was still an easy feat to accomplish.

“Lucjan, you should head further up for now. I’ll be back soon.”

“Got it,” Lucjan said. “James possesses tremendous strength. Even if he failed to save Thea Callahan, he should still be alive.However, it would be impossible for him to return by himself considering that he’s injured. Go down there and bring him back safely.”

“Understood.” Bryce nodded.

Then, he leaped off the cliff.

Maxine was silently watching this from afar.

She was secretly delighted upon seeing Thea leap off the cliff. However, when James leaped off the cliff to save her without even the slightest bit of hesitation, she was dismayed. Thea would forever occupy the top spot in James’ heart. With Thea by his side,

James would never notice the other women around him. She was not sure whether Thea would survive. However, she knew that James would not die. After all, James possessed strength that could defeat the ancient martial artists with ease.

She sighed and walked up the mountain.


As James was treating his injuries, he heard someone calling for him.

His face darkened.

“Are Lucjan’s men here?” Hearing the voice, Thea gave her assurance,” Don’t worry. I won’t say anything to them.”

James took a deep breath and said, “That’s one of Lucjan’s confidants. He’s a peak sixth-rank martial artist. Watch out not to reveal yourself.”

“Got it.”

Thea nodded.


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