The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1201

Chapter 1201
With just a single wooden bed and a thin blanket, there was no other furniture whatsoever inside the temporarily constructed wooden house.

James removed his clothes and lay on the bed.

Thea then carefully treated the injuries on his back, which were caused by the impact against the wall of the cliffs. It was a bloodied mess. Even the skeleton could be seen.

Thankfully, James was a seventh-ranking martial artist, and he could control the flow of blood circulating inside his body. Most ordinary people would have been long dead. Even so, he grimaced whenever Thea made the slightest contact with his injuries.

Soon, Lucjan returned. Seeing the injuries on James’ back, he asked, “Are you alright, James?”

James gritted his teeth. “Well, I’m still alive.”

At that moment, Aphrodite and Venus handed Thea a hot towel. Thea took it and began scrubbing James’ back cautiously.

Meanwhile, Lucjan took a small white bottle out and said, “I have some powder here with me. It’s good at healing external injuries.”

Thea took it and slowly sprinkled it on James’ back. Then, she bandaged them. After that, she helped James up and helped him get dressed.

“Let me take your pulse,” Lucjan said.

“Ok.” James extended his arm.

Lucjan took his pulse. After some time, he said, “James, your injuries are grave. You can’t use True Energy recklessly from now on. Otherwise, no one can save you.”

Wearing a frustrated look on his face, James sighed and said, “I didn’t know that Thea would be instigated into attacking me, and I kept using True Energy to slow down the speed of the fall to survive it. That’s why I have severe internal injuries.”

“Rest well.” Lucjan turned to look at Aphrodite and Venus. “Take good care of him.”

Then, he turned to leave.

Thea looked at Aphrodite and Venus and said coldly, “You’re dismissed. I can take care of him.”

The two looked at one another and left without a word. After they left, James breathed a sigh of relief.

Thea asked, “Darling, did Lucjan not suspect anything?”

“No way…” James whispered, “Of course he would be suspicious considering that Bryce hasn’t been back after so long. By taking my pulse, he was merely trying to evaluate my condition. If I’m not mistaken, he should have sent men to the bottom of the cliffs to search for Bryce already.”

Thea asked, worried, “W-What should we do, then?”

James waved. “No need to worry. There’s a snowstorm outside. All traces should have been covered in thick snow. He may not find anything at all.”

Hearing this, Thea was at ease.

James continued, “The Mount Thunder Conference will be held in another two days. I have to make sure my injuries heal before then.”

He could not predict what would happen at the conference. He was only sure of one thing. To become the Great Grandmaster, everyone would go all out. He had to restore his strength and fight at peak form at the conference.

However, he had to pretend to be badly injured. That way, he could deal Lucjan the death blow at a critical moment and kill the Deputy Leader of the Gu Sect once and for all.

Now, he knew what Lucjan was trying to accomplish. He would kill Callan Maverick, the Supreme Leader, after Callan had won, and simply reap all the benefits without risking anything.

However, things would certainly not go as planned.

Even now, the King’s men had not shown themselves yet. The King would never sit idly by at such an important conference like this.


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