The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1204

Chapter 1204
“Alright now, you’re dismissed. I’ll go look for the Supreme Leader.”

Lucjan waved slightly, and the Twelve Zodiac turned to leave.

After thinking for a moment, Lucjan also turned to leave.

Behind the mountain of Mount Thunder Sect…

There were many manors inhabited by renowned martial artists of the ancient martial world, and Lucjan arrived at one of them.

Eight masked men in black robes were standing in front of the gates.

Enter title…

“Deputy Leader,” they greeted Lucjan respectfully.

Without returning the greeting, Lucjan walked straight into the courtyard.

Many people were gathered there, and all of them were wearing black robes and black masks.

“Deputy Leader.”

They also greeted Lucjan respectfully, but he simply walked toward a room and opened the door.

Many people were gathered there. They, too, were all wearing masks.

“He’s here,” came a voice.

The one who spoke was a man in a black robe. However, his mask was quite unlike the others. He was wearing a red mask with the figure of a skeleton carved into it.

Lucjan nodded. He seated himself and greeted the man in the red mask respectfully, “Supreme Leader.”

The man in the red mask removed his mask. He was a middle-aged man with a round face and bushy eyebrows, wearing a ferocious expression.

Upon seeing his appearance, even Lucjan could not help but be stunned. He had not seen Callan’s real appearance in decades, but he never thought that

Callan’s looks would be as youthful as they were decades ago. His appearance had not changed in the slightest. It was proof that Callan’s strength had reached an unfathomable realm.

Another man removed his mask. It was Thomas.

Since everyone else did not remove their masks, Lucjan could not be sure of who they were. Although he was the Deputy Leader, he knew little about

Callan’s subordinates.

“What’s our plan this time, Supreme Leader?” Lucjan asked.

Leaning on the chair, Callan said coldly, “We will exterminate all who participated in the battle against the Gu Sect a century ago.”

Hearing this, the temperature in the room dropped. Even Lucjan felt a shiver down his spine. He thought that Callan only wanted to become the Great

Grandmaster and unite the ancient martial world. He never thought that he wanted to exterminate everyone else.

‘This would be rather problematic, Supreme Leader.” Wearing a grim expression, Lucjan said, “While the sects have been recuperating their strength for the past century, there are now many powerful martial artists all over the nation. Even the Blithe family has an eighth-rank martial artist. I believe he won’t be the only one in Sol.”

“No need to worry.” Callan was confident.

“By the way…” Reminded of something, Lucjan said, ‘Thea tried to assassinate James. After the assassination failed, she leaped off the cliff. James leaped off the cliff too to save her. I sent Bryce to search for them, but he never returned, and I could not find any trace of him…”

Lucjan narrated the chain of events that unfolded to Callan.

’Supreme Leader, this is a peak sixth-rank martial artist we’re talking about. How did he disappear into thin air just like that? I suspect that we’re already being targeted by some powerful people.”

Hearing this, Thomas frowned and asked, “How’s James now?”

Lucjan said, “He’s fine at the moment. He suffered some internal injuries, but he just needs time to recuperate.”

“I’ll go have a look.”

Thomas turned to leave.

After he left, Lucjan said, “Supreme Leader, Thomas is a Caden, one of the Ancient Four. Can he be relied on?”

Callan brushed it aside. “No need to worry. You just have to wait patiently. Once the Mount Thunder Conference commences, push James to the center spot and attract everyone’s attention. Exterminate all who attack him.”


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