The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205
Lucjan frowned.

He sincerely sought to win James over to his side and had never thought of taking advantage of him. However, since the Supreme Leader had given the order, he could not refute it. He simply nodded and said, “Got it.”

“Alright now, you’re free to go.” Callan waved.

Lucjan stood up and left.

After leaving the courtyard, Thomas put on his mask and went in search of James.

Enter title…

When he arrived at the door of the wooden house James was in, Aphrodite and Venus stood in his way.

“Who’s there?”

Thomas looked at the two. Though he was wearing a mask, his eyes were bloodshot, as if they belonged to a demon. With a simple glance, Aphrodite and Venus were rooted to the spot, petrified.

Then, Thomas opened the door.

James was lying on the bed. Hearing that the door was opened, he thought it was Thea, “Why are you back so soon? Did you not manage to find Grandpa?”

“It’s me,” Thomas said,

Upon hearing Thomas’ voice, James immediately got up and looked at the masked man who entered the house.

Thomas removed his mask.

“Grandpa…” James croaked.

Thomas waved and looked at James, “I heard you’re injured.”

“It’s nothing.” James smiled bitterly, “Maxine ordered Thea to kill me.”

Thomas walked over to James and took his pulse. After a few seconds, he loosened his grip.

“Your injuries are severe. Getting injured just before the Mount Thunder Conference is not a good thing.”

Thomas raised his hand, and powerful True Energy gathered in his palm, which entered James’ body. At that moment, James could feel a warmth enveloping and circulating throughout his body, and the internal injuries were rapidly healed.

Ten minutes passed, and Thomas stopped.

James was stunned.

“I’m healed?” Stunned, he looked at Thomas and asked, “What martial art is this, Grandpa? How did my injuries heal in such a short amount of time?”

Thomas said smilingly, “I read the Medical Book you obtained. This is a healing cultivation method recorded in it.”

Hearing this, James took a deep breath. Though he had also cultivated the same healing cultivation method, its effects were not as effective.

“It’s so magical…”

“As you’ve only begun cultivating, you still need time to gain insight. In the future, you’ll certainly reach such a level.”

Thomas took a seat.

James asked, “What does Callan intend to do at the Mount Thunder Conference?”

Thomas said, “Revenge, of course. He will use this opportunity to annihilate all sects and families who participated in the battle against the Gu Sect a century ago.”

Stunned, James asked, “I thought he only wanted to be the Great Grandmaster?”


Thomas snickered. ’Why would he be interested in the title of Great Grandmaster? For him, all ancient artists are merely small fry. Now, he’s currently cultivating Devilish Energy and researching viruses. Once he succeeds, he would be able to create powerful puppets with ease. These martial artists mean nothing to him. Rather than allowing them to turn against him after he becomes the Great Grandmaster, he would instead seize the opportunity and exterminate them all.”

James took a deep breath.

How terrifying. This was insanity.

“Rest well. I’m heading back now.”

Thomas stood up and left.

Now that he heard Callan’s true objective, James was slightly concerned.

However, upon being reminded that Grandpa was by Callan’s side and that

Lucjan planned to exterminate Callan and become the Supreme Leader of the

Gu Sect himself, James breathed a sigh of relief.

Soon, Thea returned.

She said dejectedly, “Darling, I didn’t manage to find Grandpa. I went to the courtyard of the Gu Sect, but the place was heavily guarded. I couldn’t get in and look for him.”


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