The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1206

Chapter 1206
James waved slightly and said, “It’s alright. You must be tired. Get some rest for now.”

He did not tell Thea that his injuries had recovered. The fewer people who knew this, the better for him.

Thea was fatigued. She walked over to the bed and collapsed on it. Pulling at James, she said, “Darling, you should take a rest too.”

“It’s too stuffy in here. I’m going out for a walk.”

Enter title…

After knowing what Callan intended to do, he wanted to have a walk outside to see if he could bump into Jackson. He could try to relay the information to him and warn him to make preparations in advance.

Thea hurriedly got up and said, “How can you move about when you’re injured? Everyone outside is trying to kill you. You’ll be in danger if you wander around outside.”

“It’s alright,” James said smilingly. “We have entered a tacit agreement, after all.

They’ll only attack me when the conference commences. Besides, I’ll just be having a stroll around these parts. Who would dare attack me with Lucjan’s subordinates everywhere?”

Then, James stood up and headed outside. Thea stood up, wore her shoes, and followed close behind.

“James.” The moment he opened the door, Aphrodite and Venus were wearing bright smiles. “Where are you going, James?”

James said, “I’m feeling a little stuffy inside. I’m heading outside for a walk.”

Aphrodite immediately said, ‘The Deputy Leader told us that you’re injured. Not only that, there are enemies outside who are after your life. I believe it will be safer inside the house.”

“It’ll be fine. I’ll just be walking around here.”

James turned to leave.

Aphrodite and Venus had no choice but to follow James.

James left the back of the mountain and was walking aimlessly in Mount

Thunder Sect. Thea was by his side, while Aphrodite and Venus followed close behind.

“Die, James!” a roar came.

Then, a man brandishing a sword came charging toward them. Standing a few meters away from James, the man pointed the sword at him and said coldly,

‘Today, I shall avenge my master!”

Thea hurriedly shielded James.

James did not heed the man blocking his path and simply turned to leave.

‘There’s nowhere for you to run!”

The man charged toward James.

At that moment, Lucjan’s men appeared out of nowhere and deflected his attack. James knew that they had been watching him closely on Lucjan’s orders. It would be impossible to meet up with Jackson.

He returned to the house and lay on the bed. Thea was in his embrace, hugging him tightly. Soon, she fell asleep.

Meanwhile, James heard a commotion coming from the roof. Furrowing his eyebrows, he gently released his grip on Thea’s hand and walked out.

The moment he opened the door, he could see Aphrodite and Venus.

Before they could notice him, their acupuncture points were struck. Losing all senses, they stood in front of the door like statues.

James scanned his surroundings. Seeing that no one was around, he leaped to the roof.

A man in a black robe and wearing a bamboo hat was waiting on the roof.

“You don’t die easily, do you?”

The man removed his bamboo hat and revealed his identity. It was Jackson.

James smiled. “Pretty bold of you to be here… Lucjan’s men are everywhere, you know?”

“No worries. They just left.” Jackson grinned. “I know you must have something you wish to say to me. What is it?”

James told Jackson everything he knew about Callan’s plan.

“Callan wants revenge. He plans to exterminate everyone at the Mount Thunder Conference. Meanwhile, Lucjan plans to get rid of Callan and become the Supreme Leader himself. You can decide on the next course of action yourself or discuss it with the King and Mr. Lee.”

Once he said that, James leaped to the ground and entered the house.

Then, he waved. Powerful energy gathered in his palm and the acupuncture points of Aphrodite and Venus were released.


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