The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1207

Chapter 1207
“I think I accidentally fell asleep just now.”

“Really? I felt the same too. It’s like my mind went blank all of a sudden.”

They conversed in whispers outside, thinking that their minds momentarily went blank. They did not know that their acupuncture points were struck, and they had completely lost all of their senses.

After returning to the room, James lay on the bed and slept.

At the same time, at the summit of a snow-capped mountain of the Mount

Thunder Sect… Enter title…

It was the highest peak in all of the Mount Thunder Sect.

An elderly man wearing a mask arrived there. He scanned his surroundings as if searching for something.

“A guest…”

A voice reverberated throughout the mountains.

Then, a rugged white-bearded elderly man silently appeared. The elderly man wearing a mask turned his head.

“Since you’re here, there’s no need to hide your appearance.”

Hearing this, the elderly man removed his mask. It was Thomas.

“To think that you’re still alive, Simon Cabral.” Thomas flashed the elderly man before him a smile.

The man was none other than Simon Cabral, Grand Sect Leader of the Mount

Thunder Sect and the master of the Great Grandmaster, who was also the previous sect leader a century ago.

Thirty years ago, Thomas was here to receive Simon’s guidance. Strictly speaking, the man before him was his master.


Looking at Thomas, Simon waved his hand, and a powerful force swept away the snow. The stone table and chairs that were buried deep beneath the snow were revealed.

“Have a seat.”

Thomas walked over to the chairs and took a seat.

Taking a seat, Simon looked at Thomas and asked, “Don’t tell me you’re here to pay me a visit.”

Thomas smiled. “Indeed, I came here as I heard that the Snow Cavern is here at the peak of Mount Thunder.”

Hearing this, Simon’s face darkened, and he glared at Thomas, “How did you know?”

Then, realization dawned on his face.

“So you came here for the Snow Cavern thirty years ago too? H-Have you unraveled the mystery of the four paintings?”

Thomas smiled and remained silent.

“Simon, let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Indeed, I came here for the Snow Cavern and the thing within.”

Simon took a deep breath.

Thomas said, ‘Thousands of years ago, the Prince of Orchid Mountain was here in search of immortality. However, as he had limited strength, he could not defeat that thing. He had no choice but to retreat. After a few more years of preparation, he returned to this place once more, but that thing had become greatly stronger. All martial artists he brought were annihilated, and he escaped with his tail between his legs.”

Simon listened to him in silence.

Thomas continued, “And so, the Prince of Orchid Mountain established the

Mount Thunder Sect. By the time he finished his investigation of the thing, he was already nearing his end. And so, he left behind the secret martial art manuals in the four paintings and the secret of this location. However, only the

Mount Thunder Sect knows of this secret. Not only that, the secret is passed down from generation to generation. Only a single person knows of the secret at any one time, and only before the person’s death would they pass on the secret to the next.”

“You certainly are knowledgeable.” Though Simon was wearing a poker face, there was a storm brewing inside him.

Thomas said, “Every one hundred years, the Spirit Turtle enters a weak phase. This is the perfect opportunity to slay it.”

Simon looked at Thomas and said, “So you were the one behind everything!

You went to great lengths to gather all ancient martial artists here in order to slay the Spirit Turtle.”


Thomas stood up and gazed at the snow mountains.


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