The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1208

Chapter 1208
“Ninth-rank is the pinnacle of martial art strength. However, it’s nigh impossible

to make a breakthrough into the ninth rank. With what limited lifespan humans

have, it’s impossible to climb the Skyward Stairway. The Skyward Stairway of

the ninth rank has never been reached by any human being.

“Only by achieving immortality can one climb the Skyward Stairway and reach

the ninth rank.

‘The Spirit Turtle has lived for many years. Once I kill it and drink its blood, I will

achieve immortality and obtain enormous strength.”

The more Thomas spoke, the more agitated he was.

Enter title…

“Once I have an unlimited lifespan, I can establish a new dynasty.”

“You’re insane!” Simon cried out.

“I’m not insane,” Thomas corrected him. Then, he turned to look at Simon and

instantly appeared before him.

Looking at Simon, he asked, “Don’t you wish to attain immortality? You’re

nearing your end too. Aren’t you fearful of death? Aren’t you afraid of the

nothingness after death?”

‘Thomas, you are being delusional,” Simon said coldly. ‘There’s no evidence

whatsoever that drinking the Spirit Turtle’s blood will help us attain immortality.

This information was left behind by the Prince of Orchid Mountain, who wasn’t

quite sure of its authenticity himself. Besides, you aren’t capable of slaying the

Spirit Turtle.”

I’m not so sure about that.”

Wearing a confident look, Thomas said, “Do you know what people have

gathered here at the Mount Thunder Sect?”

‘There’s Callan Maverick who reached the seventh rank a century ago.

Now, he has reached the peak of the eighth rank and climbed the third stair of

the Skyward Stairway. His Decimation of Immortality is unrivaled in the world

and can neutralize all incoming attacks.

‘There’s also Winston Blithe whose Blithe Fist of Abomination would decimate

all enemies.

“Let’s also not forget Bennett Caden whose Thirteen Heavenly Swords would

shake the heaven and earth.”

“Also, there’s Yaakov Johnston. The Whirlwind Sword Technique of the

Johnstons is remarkable indeed.

“There’s also Xavi Lee whose Dragon Hymn is unparalleled in the world.

‘The Sylvan Sect’s Master Maha’s Sinew Metamorphosis is world- renowned.

‘The King a hundred years ago perfected the Purple Mist Secret Art. The Purple

Mist shielding his body is an unbreakable defense.

‘There are also Lucjan Owen and Tanner Davis.

“Not to mention the both of us.”

“We have a total of eleven eighth-rank martial artists and countless other

seventh-rank ones. Don’t you think we can slay the weakened Spirit Turtle with


Simon took a deep breath.

‘Thomas, you really went to great lengths for the Spirit Turtle.”

Simon did not expect that there would be so many eighth-rank martial artists in

Sol at a single time. This was a historic occasion.

Thomas sat down and said smilingly, “I need your help, Simon. The moment the

Conference begins, I want you to open the gates of the Snow Cavern and

release the Spirit Turtle. By slaying the Spirit Turtle, everyone would be able to

drink its blood and attain immortality.”

‘Thomas, have you ever considered the possibility of failure?”

Staring at Thomas, he asked, “Do you know what failure would entail? If the

Spirit Turtle charges out of Mount Thunder, many innocent lives would be lost.”

“Simon, you underestimate the technological advances of this era. Even if

things get out of control, there’s no way the Spirit Turtle would leave this place

alive. A few missiles are all we need to exterminate it,” Thomas said coolly.

“And what if I disagree?” Simon stared at Thomas.

“Oh, you will.” Thomas said coldly, “You knew of the Spirit Turtle’s existence and

purpose. There’s no way you’ll be able to restrain the urge. Due to your

ancestral teachings, however, you are unable to reveal this secret. I have

brought a group of powerful martial artists here who are unaware of the Spirit

Turtle’s existence and secret. By combining forces and slaying the Spirit Turtle,

their True Energy will be severely depleted. By then…”

Thomas’ face darkened.

“We will wipe them out.

“From today onwards, the Mount Thunder Sect will reign supreme.”


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