The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1209

Chapter 1209
“What do you think, Simon?”

Thomas looked at Simon. He required his cooperation.

Although the Prince of Orchid Mountain’s men were completely annihilated on

an expedition to slay the Spirit Turtle, the creature which was gravely injured

concealed itself in the depths of the Snow Cavern.

Meanwhile, the Prince of Orchid returned for more men and sealed off the Snow

Cavern. Only the inheritors of the Mount Thunder Sect could deactivate the

mechanisms. Without Simon’s help, Thomas could not enter the Snow Cavern

and lure the Spirit Turtle out.

Enter title…

“I can not promise you this, Thomas.”

Simon shook his head and said, “You have become deranged. If I allow you to

slay the Spirit Turtle and attain immortality, your existence alone would mean

disaster to the world.”

“Preposterous!” Thomas cursed.

“You don’t understand, Simon. It’s near impossible for a human being to live

past a hundred years. Even martial artists like us can only live for an additional

few decades. What can mankind accomplish with what limited lifespan we


‘Think about the endless possibilities if an intelligent scientist could live for

another thousand years!

“Once we obtain the Spirit Turtle’s blood, we can research it and examine why

and how it’s different from human blood. After learning its secrets, humans can

become immortal. By then, we could easily leave our solar system behind and

travel to other galaxies.”

‘You’ve gone mad.”

Simon rebuked him.

“Do you plan to go against me?” Thomas’ face darkened, and a vein popped out

in his neck.

He had been concocting this plan for a long time. A few decades ago, after

accidentally learning of this secret, he hurriedly headed over to the Mount

Thunder Sect to have a look. Upon his return, he began formulating a plan.

He pretended to experience Energy Deviation and slaughtered many of the

households. After his cultivation base was taken away, he was expelled from the

family. Once he left the Cadens, he began secretly formulating a plan. He

investigated the location of the ancient tomb of the Prince of Orchid in secret

and took the ancient scroll. Then, he unraveled the mystery behind the Moonlit

Flowers by Cliffside’s Edge and the remaining four paintings.

After that, he arranged for this year’s Mount Thunder Conference.

Everything he did was for this—to slay the Spirit Turtle, drink its blood, and

attain immortality. He would not allow anyone to stand in his way.


Simon was determined.

Thomas clenched his fists, but Simon glanced at him and said coldly, “Do you

plan to attack me?”

“Why would I?” Thomas released his clenched fists. A grin crept up on his

wrinkled face and he took a seat, “Simon, what are you so afraid of?”

Hearing this, Simon was deep in thought. He did not know either. He only knew

that he could not promise Thomas. Once Thomas slayed the Spirit Turtle and

obtain its blood, he would gain enormous strength. It would have dire


“Simon, you have to think for our future generations and the Mount

Thunder Sect. Though the Mount Thunder Sect has jealously guarded this

secret for thousands of years, what have you gained in return?”

Thomas tried to persuade him. However, no matter how hard he tried, Simon

was adamant.

“F*ck…” Enraged, Thomas smashed the table, which collapsed into rubble. He

stood up furiously and pointed at Simon, ’You made me do this, Simon. Do not

blame me for this.”

Then, he turned to leave.

Simon frowned. He was afraid that Thomas would act recklessly.

In the blink of an eye, he appeared before Thomas and blocked his path. He

asked coldly, ‘What do you plan to do?”

“Since you turned down my offer, I can only exterminate all of your disciples and

the younger generation. I will wipe off all traces of the Mount Thunder Sect. After

all, there’s no need for it to exist anymore. Without you, I can find a way to enter

the Snow Cavern myself,” James said solemnly.


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