The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1210

Chapter 1210
Simon was put in a difficult position.He was weighing the pros and cons.

Immortality was certainly alluring to everyone, including himself. As he was nearing his end, he had become increasingly fearful of death. However, he was more worried about things escalating out of control.

‘Thomas, are you really capable of slaying the Spirit Turtle?” Simon asked.

Though he had guarded this place for a century, he had never entered the Snow Cavern. As such, he knew nothing about the Spirit Turtle’s appearance or strength. The information was passed down through word-of -mouth from his predecessors in the Mount Thunder Sect from generation to generation. There were no records whatsoever.

“Of course.” Confidently, Thomas said, “What’s the point of being here if I can’t slay it?”

‘Tell me about your plan.”

Thomas smiled. He walked over to the stone chairs and took a seat.

Simon sat opposite Thomas, furrowing his eyebrows.

Thomas said, “Here’s my plan. Once the Mount Thunder Conference commences, unseal the Snow Cavern and lure the Spirit Turtle out. We just have to watch on the sidelines as the others exhaust themselves trying to defeat it. Once they have defeated the Spirit Turtle, their True Energy would be severely depleted. With our strength, we can easily kill them all and take the Spirit Turtle for ourselves.

“I heard that the Spirit Turtle is full of usefulness. By consuming the blood of a Spirit Turtle, we can greatly increase our strength. Not only that, but we can also attain immortality. By then, we would

eventually reach the ninth rank.

“When the time comes, the Mount Thunder Sect will be the most powerful one in the world. Meanwhile, with the Spirit Turtle’s blood in hand, I will research its attributes. Perhaps all of mankind will become immortal too. Surely you can imagine the endless possibilities that come with it?”

Hearing this, Simon asked coldly, “It is certainly an enticing offer, but what if your plan fails?”

Thomas said, “I’ve thought of a foolproof plan. If we’re unable to slay the Spirit Turtle, we can use high- tech weaponry to annihilate it. That way, even if we fail, we can still obtain something out of it.”

Hearing this, Simon fell silent. He knew that Thomas had formulated this plan decades ago for this day. He was incapable of stopping him. Once enraged,

Thomas could decide to exterminate the Mount Thunder Sect. For the sake of the sect, he had no choice but to cooperate with Thomas. In truth, however, he had an ulterior motive. He was curious to see if the Spirit

Turtle’s blood could allow them to attain immortality and reach the ninth rank. As for turning against the others… He had no strong opinion on the matter.

“After everything’s settled, we will wipe out the Gu Sect,” Simon said after a brief moment.

Some within the Gu Sect were too ambitious.

Meanwhile, Callan Maverick had climbed the third stair of the Skyward Stairway.

His strength was near unrivaled, even in history.

“Sure.” Thomas said smilingly, “It’s a deal, then. I’ll be relying on you after the conference begins. I’ll be taking my leave.”

Cackling, he then stood up and left.

After he left, Simon’s face darkened. Watching Thomas’ retreating figure, he took a deep breath. I never thought that Thomas would be the mastermind behind the Mount Thunder Conference. To think that he has obtained the four paintings and unraveled the mystery behind them.

‘Back then, the Grand Patriarch told me that the paintings of the Ancient Four not only contain the signature martial art skill of the Prince of Orchid but also everything about the Snow Cavern and the weaknesses of the Spirit Turtle. I wonder how strong Thomas is currently.”

Simon did not dare imagine. He could only be sure of one thing-Thomas had acquired unimaginable strength.

No one in the entire ancient martial world can stand against him.

“Let us hope that disaster won’t befall us.” Simon sighed.


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