The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1213

Chapter 1213
More and more ancient martial artists gathered at the hall of Mount Thunder Sect.

A woman was sitting at the back of the hall. She was about twenty years of age, wearing a golden dress and a crown, and exuding the charisma of an empress.

It was Delainey Cabral, the young lady of the Mount Thunder Sect. Ever since Jackson’s demise,she had been slowly taking over the sect. Although she had yet to inherit the position of Sect

Leader, she was now the person in charge of the Mount Thunder Sect.

Many gathered before her—Disciples of the Heaven and Earth Sect, the Sylvan Sect, the Five

Swirling Blades Sect, and many other great families.

“Has the Mount Thunder Sect fallen so low that it needs a young girl to take charge?” asked a disdainful voice.

Hearing this, the faces of the Mount Thunder Sect’s disciples darkened.

The face of an elderly man beside Delainey darkened. Then, with a wave of his hand, powerful energy sent the martial artist who insulted the Mount Thunder Sect flying. He said coldly, “The internal affairs of the Mount Thunder Sect are none of your concern.”

“What a bold claim!”

A voice came from outside the hall.

Then, a group of people walked in. As they were all wearing masks, their appearances were concealed.

Upon seeing them, everyone’s faces turned pale. Although their appearances could not be discerned, they knew they were from the Gu Sect. They were the survivors of the battle a hundred years ago.

“What are you trying to hide?” Glancing at the group of people who walked in,

Donovan Blithe said coldly, “Since you’re already here, there’s no point in concealing your identities. I’m curious to see who you people really are.”

At that moment, James and Lucjan walked in.

The moment they entered, they immediately became the spotlight of the show.

“Die, James!” a martial artist screamed.

Many martial artists stood up and brandished their swords.

Meanwhile, Yaakov Johnston stood up and said coldly,” James, now that Tobias is dead, you will shoulder the burden of the Cadens’ crimes against the other three families. Return the paintings and tell us the secret of the Moonlit Flowers by Cliffside’s Edge. Perhaps we might spare you.”

As Hades Johnston, Patriarch of the Johnstons, had been crippled and could not attend the conference, Yaakov personally led the Johnstons’ martial artists here.

‘Tell us the secret of the four paintings, James.”

“We might even spare you,” said the other two families of the Ancient Four.

James had become so strong that he could even kill the Sect Leader of the

Mount Thunder Sect. To the other three families, James managed to become this powerful in such a short amount of time because he cultivated the signature martial art skills recorded inside the four paintings.

The moment James appeared, there was a commotion.


Delainey stood up and looked at the crowd. “We have gathered here today at the Mount Thunder Conference to resolve the conflict amongst the Ancient Four. Not only that, as the ancient martial world hasn’t had a Great Grandmaster for a hundred years, we should seize the opportunity while the world’s most powerful martial artists are here to put a new Great Grandmaster who can make the ancient martial world great again in power. Based on previous rules, the winner will emerge as the new Great Grandmaster. Please, follow me to the arena.”

Although Delainey was a woman, she exuded great charisma. She was not intimidated in the slightest by the martial artists.

The martial artists followed close behind.

There was an arena that was a kilometer in diameter at the main peak of the Mount Thunder Sect.

Walking up to the arena, Delainey looked at the martial artists and said, “I would suggest putting

aside your grudges for now. Once a new Great Grandmaster is chosen, we can resolve the conflict

under the witness of the new Great Grandmaster. What do you think?”

“No problem.”

“Since we’re here at the Mount Thunder Sect, we will follow your wishes. We will first put a new

Great Grandmaster in power before settling our grudges


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