The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1214

Chapter 1214
Delainey nodded and said, “Please keep in mind that this is not a duel to the death. Once one party admits defeat, you’re not allowed to deal the killing blow. Based on previous rules, anyone can enter the arena. You’ll be the new Great Grandmaster if you’re able to defeat everyone else.”

Then, she turned to leave.

Though there were around ten thousand people there, no one uttered a single word. The atmosphere was tense.

No one volunteered to enter the arena.

“Hahaha! I’ll have the honor of becoming the first to enter the arena, then.”

A voice came.

Then, a middle-aged man leaped onto the arena.


The arena shook. Martial artists who had weaker cultivation bases lost their footing and fell.

It was Donovan Blithe. He was a sixth-rank martial artist and knew that he would not be able to become the Great

Grandmaster with his strength. However, he was here to lead the charge as he knew that there were powerful figures within his family.

Scanning the martial artists around him, he cupped his fists and yelled, “I’m

Donovan Blithe of Mount Littleroot. Who dares challenge me?”

His voice reverberated throughout the arena, but no one dared answer his challenge.

Looking at Lucjan, James asked, ‘What now?”

Lucjan whispered, “There’s no need for us to rush things. We’ll wait for the Supreme Leader’s arrangements.”

He did not act recklessly.

“Allow me to witness the signature martial art skill of the Blithes.”

A chubby monk wearing a prayer bead bracelet entered the arena.

Lucjan whispered, “Do not underestimate this monk. He’s a renowned martial artist at the sixth rank.”

“Mhm.” James nodded.

He was curious to see how powerful the other signature martial art skills were.

The Mount Thunder Conference was about to begin.

At that moment, Thomas surreptitiously left the premise and headed over to the summit of the opposite snow mountain.

The moment he reached the summit of the snow mountain, Simon appeared.

“Simon, everyone has gathered there. Unseal the Snow Cavern now. I don’t want to wait for them to deplete their

True Energy before releasing the Spirit Turtle.” Thomas said.

Wearing a grim expression, Simon asked, “Are you really sure about this, Thomas?”

“Of course. It’s too late to turn back. Do you plan to break your promise?” Thomas said. Simon took a deep breath, “Since you insist, I’ll accompany you on this wild ride. However, you will bear the consequences yourself.”

“Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen.” Thomas gave his assurance.

“Follow me then.”

Simon turned to leave, and Thomas followed close behind.

There was a cliff just below the summit. Simon leaped off the cliff and appeared before a natural cave. After walking for a while, they reached a dead end. There was a stone wall before them.

Simon pointed at the stone wall and said, ‘This is the entrance of the Snow Cavern. A thousand years ago, the Prince of Orchid gathered the world’s best craftsmen and constructed this door.

There are security measures installed on this door. No matter how powerful you are, you can never destroy this wall if you don’t know the correct way to unlock it.”

Wearing a delighted look on his face, Thomas said, “What are you standing there for? Open it.”


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